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Jean-Philippe Borg's Book - German Combat Equipment

Article about: Hello, Thanks JP for the book. I received it and have looked through it. Well done & glad I purchased one from you. Great work. I have taken pictures as shown here and also posted your b

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    Really sorry to hear that JP, we all appreciate the very hard work you must have put into the books you write.


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    It's sad to hear things like that. Once again, a publisher behaves incorrectly and unjustifiably with an author.
    We trust that you will not be discouraged for future books and works J.P.


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    Hello again,
    Thanks for your comments guys, it's heartwarming...
    The point is when it was time to pay me, the publishing house was placed in judicial safeguard by the court because they had financial difficulties ... this status exempted them from paying the suppliers, including me ... I could have gone there by walking, running , flying, it wouldn't have changed anything ... that's why i moved to another publishing house for my articles and now i'm working on my next book which will released without a publishing house. I do all the work on my own...reworking photos (i learned to use a software), the layout of the book (with another software), all translations from french to english as this book will be only released in english.
    When the work will be almost over, i will launch a subscription for those who would be interested in buying the book cheaper and help me to pay the printing house.

    When the time is right, i will create a thread to introduce this new book to forum members...
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    That copy on my bookshelf is now worth GOLD......and appreciated more than ever!!
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    Sad to hear that JPhilip.....I have been looking for your book at home but at some point I losed it... Im so sad because its the next level of a must to have.....will see if I get a copy somewhere....thaaaaaaaaank you for your work¡


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