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Luger Holster

Article about: Gents, can you look at this holster and give any opinions as to originality. I think it is a good one but this is a new field for me so want to be sure. Cheers

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    Default Luger Holster

    Gents, can you look at this holster and give any opinions as to originality. I think it is a good one but this is a new field for me so want to be sure.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Luger Holster   Luger Holster  

    Attached Images Attached Images Luger Holster  Luger Holster 

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    Just having a read, maker should be Ehrhardt und Kirsten, Leipzig

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    Ben the holster looks correct with what appears to have been some attempted stitching repair. If you are looking for Holsters, lugers etc on line you might enjoy looking at Simpson Limited Collector firearms. They are located in Galesburg Ill. Phone 309-342-5800.


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    Cheers Doc I will have a look, I am after a 41 dated holster to go with a 41 dated Black Widow luger that I will be hopefully getting hold of. Where abouts is the stitching repair on the holster?

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    Mmmm they have a nice double mag pouch that would go well with my artillery rig.

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    Back lateral margin stitching, leather belt straps look suspicious, the stitching also to the straps. Watch double mag pouches as a lot have been replicated. Artillery though not exceeding rare like Navy pouches they still are not common. Imperil stuff is a minefield. MAKE SURE YOU GET A 10 DAY INSPECTION. It took me 41/2 yrs. to find my current 1906 pouch and during that time I can only remember running across 4-5 artilleries that were true and respectable

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    Lol will do Doc

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    Sorry Ben I am not familiar with Luger's from Russia . All I know is Russian safety says OTOHb. If I were starting a collection I might suggest getting the most common Sneak Luger which was the DWM G date. Plenty around and collectable. They were 1935's whereby Germany was trying to rearm without letting her enemies know. I have no idea of dewatt collectable prices, but the most desirable of the Sneak were the K dates (1934) of which there were 3 varieties. Then to that add possibly a rework or 2 as they too were very early sneaks . Just an idea.

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    Doc is right. Simpson Ltd in Galesburg Ill has a lot to offer. It is about 1 1/2 hours streight east of me. In The Peoples Republic of Illinois. ( worst gun laws in the midwest). I have known him for over 30 years. Use to see him at gun shows a lot in the 70's and 80's selling his lugers. Couldn't miss him. He was the one smoking his Expensive imported Cigars. He kept his best prizes in his basement Museum. (Not for sale of course.) He use to have a black BMW with a License plate that said Luger 1 on it His wifes had luger 2. He once had a friend from Germany that lived with him for a while doing research and traslation of German documents for him. We all called him his live in Nazi. Great guy with a great since of humor. He made a comment to me once. "That most of the good lugers are here in the USA". I don't know if this is true or not. Well anyway his prices are at market value, so no bargins. But he has the stuff.
    Just my thoughts,
    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    My gut feeling is don't just walk, RUN the other way!!!

    Holster looks like a horrible fake. Stitching is wretchedly bad, the italic P08 with the 8 running into the stitching and maker code just scream fake, to me anyway. Way too many good holsters out there to put money into a questionable piece like this.

    Also helpful are inside pics.

    One thing to note, is that the bakelit bottoms on a Black Widow would not leave a very pronounced black spot on the inside edge of a holster. So, a correct as possible holster would have this inside edge unmmarred by the rubbing of an aluminum button.

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