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Mauser K98's

Article about: I went to a local gun show the other day and found some nice WW2 militaria as well as some nice German guns. The prices for the militaria and guns seemed a little pricey to me, especially fo

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    Great info here. R/Cs going for anywhere from $400-600 these days. One like this will make a good shooter and may be a good start for you. All matching examples can be super expensive is correct.

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    Quote by chbingle View Post
    So it was German made, then captured by the Russians and had some of its parts changed/replaced? Just want to confirm I'm following, thank y'all both for the replies!
    100% german made parts.Like mentioned above these were captured by the Russian and put in storage after WW2 and at one time or another they were put through a rework process and all parts were stripped , refurbished and then they took what ever parts were in the bin and started to reassemble them. That is why they do not match. It's all German and from WW2 but it is a parts rifle made of many different parts/ manufacturers. This is not how it left the German Factory. It is how it left the Russian rework facility for sale to other nations.

    Looking at the link provided. The bore looks good. It might not be a tack driver but it will ring the steel at 100 yards!

    I'm thinking these were about $300 when they were released on the market.
    I just checked that link again and it says sold and they have a buy it now for $699. I would say take your time and don't spend that much on an RC. It's up to you on what you want. If an all matching start saving your $$$.
    If wanting a shooter/display K98 keep looking. Deals are out there.

    Good Luck

    Semper Fi

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