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German Grabenpanzer / Sappenpanzer

Article about: It all started with a loose plate of an Grabenpanzer I found in an antique store. The consequence is that you have to have the other plates to make it complete. So after a few months I picke

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    Quote by AndyM35 View Post
    A very nice bandolier Paul! Do you know what the AAF marking stands for? A very nice piece.

    I do love that great coat Paul too! I was looking at one not so long ago and considering purchasing it as they are a little bit cheaper than other uniform items but then I went and purchased that latest M16 camo helmet.

    Good point about the ‘conditions at home’, especially when we pay so much for such items. Are you referring to temp and humidity? Do you get a lot of humidity in Amsterdam? I keep my collection in the coolest room in the house as we get very warm temperatures in summer and we do get humidity so I have to be careful.

    Thanks for your reply. It's in the long run hard to have a good temperature and humidity. At home I can do my best but it will never be ideal. The Netherlands has a sea climate and can be very moist. That makes it hard for uniform preservation.

    The AAF misses the first digit in the picture. The 'C' is in the fold. It is stamped CAAF.
    I've learned that "CAAF" apparently stands for "Canadian Army Active Forces." Active in Europe in 1922?? Maybe as an occupation force in a part of Germany? However, the curious thing is that there did not seem to be a CAAF entity as such. If you were on active service during and after the war, you were part of the CAAF, but there was no CAAF bureaucracy as such. At least I haven't been able to find anything. Or does it mean 'Combined Allied Air Forces'. It would be most appreciated if someone could shed some light on this.

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