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Help w/ Police Bayonet for a Novice

Article about: Hello everyone! This is my first proper post on the forum, happy to join all of you! I'm looking to bid on my first German edged weapon or really any type of militaria item, so any help with

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    Quote by Ethnarch View Post
    Unfortunately I didn't end up winning the dagger, someone had set a higher automatic bid on it. My highest bid was 420€, that's what it sold at (plus 7€ postal fee), so someone still got it at a decent price. No idea how high he had set his automatic bid, there were no other bidders so it could have gone for just 220€ where it was when I started bidding.
    I'm pretty disappointed to say the least, but that's how it is. I'll keep an eye out for other well priced items and in the future I'll be able to pay more to match the usual market prices.

    I'd like to thank everyone for all of the very helpful answers in this thread once more, thank you very much and see you around the forums as I'll certainly stick around.
    That's a shame. I thought you said it wasn't an auction?

    Knowing that was the case I think members would have suggested that the price being discussed was very low!

    There arer others out there but be prepared to pay the going rate.

    An alternative starter edged weapon would be to look for a good standard bayonet for the K98 rifle.

    The right piece (depending on what is your preference) wil be very satisfying.


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    @Watchdog, it wasn't an auction house, so no buyer fees or anything like that, it was on a general peer to peer auction / selling site in Finland so as it wasn't aimed at collectors there was a good chance to get it very cheaply. I did understand from the posts that it was a very good price, I think the general market price could have easily been at least 600 to 700 €. The winner got it at a good price as well, unfortunately currently I wasn't able to bid more and as the price was starting to approach what you would normally pay, then I'd rather save my money for a complete piece or another type I'm more interested in like a basic Heer or SA dagger, although those are of course a bit more.

    Thank you very much for the kind words, I'm sure I will treasure my first edged weapon I end up purchasing. Thanks for the suggestions as well, a dress bayonet would be certainly nice to own and maybe I'll think about those until I can get an actual dagger, although they don't have quite the same appeal.
    At the very least I found this forum because of this auction and I'm very happy about that, this is a great resource full of very helpful and knowledgeable members like yourself.

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    Pity you didn't manage to buy it as it is an interesting version of the type. As for the "11" mark I would suggest it is Polizei ownership mark and that this isn't a private purchase seitengewehr. You need to remember that the common cross guard marks seen on the Weimar Republic period made seitengewehr such as "S.Ar II. 566" was not continued into the Third Reich Polizei. If they had them they remained, but newer TR purchased side arms will have a briefer rack mark. In this case the "11" is either an accountability number or a Police duty district/ region mark. The "tap marks" Mark mentioned also is physical evident this was carried "on the beat" by a copper.
    I do agree the frog is a probably a repro.

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