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Odd Police Bayonet

Article about: Could you guys tell me anything about this odd police bayonet? Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default Odd Police Bayonet

    Could you guys tell me anything about this odd police bayonet?
    Odd Police BayonetOdd Police BayonetOdd Police BayonetOdd Police Bayonet

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    Circuit advertisement Odd Police Bayonet
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    I believe the crest in the center is for a certain city

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    Greetings Dixie,

    The bayonet is a Police KS98 manufactured by Alex Coppel with a Prussian Police Grip insignia on the stag handle and a Weimar Republic eagle cast onto the clamshell. It appears to be a deluxe model versus the plain Jane basic version, but without any blade etchings it is not a rarer “Honor Bayonet” variant. The leather of the frog and scabbard appear brown, which implies Rural Police issue versus black for Urban Police issue. Nope, no idea on value.



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    Miltariatone nailed it Prussian Police with the early crest in handle and clamshell fairly hard to come by bayonet. Nice find hard to come by bayonet and heavy prices are being paid for them. timothy

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    A hard bayonet to find. Most of the big dagger dealers usually ask $1500-2000+ for clamshells in very good condition. Maker, color of leather, slotted vs unslotted, matching unit markings, crest vs Police eagle and blade length all factor in to value and rarity.

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    For clarification, I wouldn't exactly call this a Police KS98 (Kurzes Seitengewehr) bayonet since it implies a standard blade length of either 20cm or 25cm & a black lacquered steel scabbard. I believe the proper nomenclature would be simply Polizei Seitengewehr which came in a variety of period lengths, connotes the detailed hilt found on this model & a leather scabbard with played steel fittings although on rare occasions late in the period, 3R Polizei bayonets did have steel scabbards.

    They are always nice to find when still retaining their clamshell device. This one appears to have had the blade cut down but it still retains the clamshell & Weimar star grip emblem. Odd but not unheard of. The early Alcoso mark is consistent with the presumed age of this bayonet.

    The one thing I can't tell from the picture is does the blood groove extend all the way to the tip or does it stop before it?

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    Here you go "short Weimar police clamshell dress bayonet"
    hope this clears it for you,
    cheers Ronnie

    double click on the picture if you want to read the writing more clearly
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Odd Police Bayonet  

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    Thanks for the help.

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