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Just picked up this flag, curious on some opinions.

Article about: Picked this flag up from a friend and massive NSDAP flag collector. In my opinion it is a legit piece, and of my friend, but as always I wanted to post it up here to see what everyone else t

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    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    Are there any markings along the white
    edge, and also, could you give us
    the dimensions.........?
    Flag measures 137cm x 87cm or 54in x 34 1/4in. No markings at all. In my experience the majority of legit Third Reich flags were not marked anywhere. I understand that this is a state flag of some sort. The collector this flag originated from has at least 300 flags and a lot of experience with them. I know that isn't necessarily an indicator that it's genuine as mistakes get made, but I felt a little more confident about it because of that.

    Quote by avenger View Post

    And, if you have one in hand, smell is another way to reinforce what you already have determined. If something smells like new textiles, or if it doesn't have that signature smell of old cloth, it bears further examination.
    It has a faint musty smell, typical of old cloth. Not as strong as some other pieces because this one has been hanging up on display for years, which reduces the musky smell. As opposed to one that had been stored in a box for decades, which makes it stronger. I know the sort of "chemical" like smell of new textiles too, and this doesn't have it.

    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    I'm not too certain about this flag. The stitches, for example, look awfully clean and bright. Personally, I would need to inspect it in hand.
    Like I mentioned in my first post, I had the window open to let sunlight in. The camera makes everything appear much brighter and cleaner than it actually is. I could take a picture of a 200 year old yellowed book page, and it would appear bright white in the photo. In person the white areas of this flag are more dull, starting to take on a yellowed appearance almost, but not too terrible.

    Thanks everyone for the replies.

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    Circuit advertisement Just picked up this flag, curious on some opinions.
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