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KM Flag real or not?

Article about: Hello! First of all my apologies for uploading this in the wrong section but I couldn't find where flags go... Anyway, I would need your help with this one! I know the golden rule of "i

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    Default KM Flag real or not?


    I would need your help with this one! I know the golden rule of "if it's too good to be true, then it probably is" but it looks like it may have a chance! The price is a joke and if copy it's a well done one IMO...
    Could you help me out please?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture KM Flag real or not?   KM Flag real or not?  

    KM Flag real or not?   KM Flag real or not?  

    KM Flag real or not?   KM Flag real or not?  

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    Circuit advertisement KM Flag real or not?
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    Hello a good flag Imo. But not KM there's no M under the Adler and swas proofing it for naval use, nor is there the multi row (6 if I remember correctly?) reinforced stitching on the opposite edge for fraying prevention. However a Kriegsflagge, at first I was unsure about the size but they did produce them, see attached thread. Best regards.


    Reichskriegsflg, Kiel, 85 x 150 (2nd Pattern)

    Edit: now I do see the naval mark. Perhaps approved for light duty naval use, just not on a ship? And or cut and sewn postwar?

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    Sorry I hope I'm not too late to change my response as I was a bit rash in my initial assessment. Looking further at the thread Ade tagged in, Bob Lyons lists sizes of flags and intended uses, this size is not amongst them, so it may not be original as I first thought. Also I should have been warry of the spelling of Reichskriegsflagge as it is not spelled out correctly and I haven't seen another marked similar. However it would be nice as a display piece if the price is that inexpensive regardless of original or not. Best regards.


    KM Flag real or not?

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    Bad one. Material looks wrong, stitching, rope, etc.etc. Even the graphics look off

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    Material type, sewn threading, stamping, rope composition & construction is not typical of a period piece. Too many uncertainties so I would pass on this IMO as I believe it is of the 4th Reich Variety.

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    Ok guys! I think we sealed that one! The price is 100 gbp which considering the type and the condition (if original) is a joke. But for a repro it's a big no no...
    Anyway, I found an online auction page that sales many many WW2 items in crazy prices! Some of them I could spot they are fake ones but some of them look very convincing. So, I'll post more for your opinions...
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    I gotta be honest guys had it not been for the multitude of stamps and non issue size, it would of had me. I went back and fourth. Thanks for the save. Do you think Delta product of the 70's?


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    It is kinda tricky, isn't it? That's why I told you it totally tricked me... It was due to the price and rope that signified 'suspicious' to me...

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    Sorry I am late to the party on this flag. David and the others are right, this flag is not an original 3rd Reich flag. This flag poorly made from the stitching to the graphics. I do not know how many more stamps they could have put on this one.
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    Thanks for your comments all! I think I'll save my money for something else!!

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