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Nazi flag.

Article about: Ahhh thanks for the info mark i'm glad i posted it up now with all you guys helping me out VAMPY

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    Default Nazi flag.

    Hi guys.

    I picked up a nazi flag today and i am wondering what you guys think of it and if there are any specific names for this flag type?
    Sorry about the bad quality photos they were taken with my mobile phone.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Nazi flag.   Nazi flag.  

    Nazi flag.   Nazi flag.  

    Nazi flag.   Nazi flag.  

    Nazi flag.   Nazi flag.  

    Nazi flag.   Nazi flag.  

    Nazi flag.   Nazi flag.  

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    Circuit advertisement Nazi flag.
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    Default Re: Nazi flag.

    I will upload more pictures tomorrow from a digital camera in the daylight because its 02:08 in the morning here
    Picture 1&2 shows some of the black possibly cotton stitching holding one side of the flag down possibly to put on a smaller flag pole?
    Picture 3&4 shows the swastika it looks to be separate pieces of white cloth on each side with the swastika printed on and then stitched all the way around the circle.
    Picture 5 shows some possibly oil stains?
    Picture 6 shows the swastika again sorry about the bad quality.
    Picture 7 shows the flag hung on my door.
    Picture 8,9&10 shows again the swastika but in different shots showing some of the stitching pictures 9&10 show heavy folding marks that look to have been in there for a good long while.

    Picture 11 shows the other side of the flag with its stitching possibly 1inch in width?
    Picture 12 shows again the stitching around the edge of the swastika.

    What do you guys think of this flag? is it real? i have had a good look at the flag and their are no moth holes in it what so ever. The flag has came from my family something we did not know we had. Could you tell me the value of it? It suppose to have been taken from a battlefield in el-alamein. Any info what so ever would be welcome thank you.


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    Default Re: Nazi flag.

    What is the size of it please ?

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    Default Re: Nazi flag.

    133cm in length
    73cm in width

    I dont know what the true dimensions of this flag suppose to be but could they have lost a few cm over the years i mean 133cm i thought it might have been more like 130cm or 135cm.

    Thanks, VAMPY

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    Default Re: Nazi flag.

    Hi, the flag will be worth in the region of £200.

    You really need to get all the info on the soldier who brought it home, his name, serial number, Regt/Corps etc.

    It is a generic banner with no specialised usage.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Nazi flag.

    Hi guys.

    Ahhh cool thanks for the info ade i'm well chuffed
    I will be trying my hardest to get all the info i can about it and when i do i will post back on here with it

    Ade could you name places this could have been used? You say generic banner like on a wall or something or tied on the turret of a tank?

    Thanks everyone who helped with this and once again my vital source of info Ade


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    Default Re: Nazi flag.

    It could have been used literally anywhere, in or on a building. It will be a wall banner as it has a "tunnel" to allow a wooden rod to be inserted to hang it from.

    Use as a vehicle ground to air recognition flag is unlikley. These special flags were fitted with a brass or zinc grommet at each corner to allow them to be firmly tied down. Without this they would soon come loose and blow off the vehicle.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Nazi flag.

    It's one of the "Hitler Fahnen" mentioned in "Horst Wessel Lied"....and as Ade has rightly pointed out it could have been used literally everywhere but it's not one of those air recognition panels (rather than flags) that were slung or draped upon vehicles to aid in air recognition.
    There are a few cases of these flags in use by troops on the move (there's a well known footage showing a WSS or WH soldier carrying one of these as a flag and even of one flying from the turret of a Tiger tank) but they were expedient methods of quick friend-or-foe recognition and surely not the rule!
    These flags were very popular between Allied soldiers and many were brought or sent home.A friend of mine had one that was signed by the soldiers who "liberated" and used it as a tablecloth and which still retained many stains of wine and liquors...each and everyone neatly described by the soldiers with an arrow and "Red wine.............nameof the place ##-##-44" or "Thisorthat liquor......name of the place ##-##-44".
    Nice original item!Any ink stamps on its sides?

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    Default Re: Nazi flag.

    Ah thanks for the info canuck63 and as always ade Sadly no ink marks on the flag that i can see i will take a grater look when i have time and i will get back to you

    Thanks, VAMPY

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    Default Re: Nazi flag.

    Quote by VAMPIRE V12 View Post
    Ah thanks for the info canuck63 and as always ade Sadly no ink marks on the flag that i can see i will take a grater look when i have time and i will get back to you

    Thanks, VAMPY
    Hi Vampy,

    That's a nice flag, looks 100% original to me. It would not be unusual for your flag to have no markings on it. Flags made for the German armed forces often have size markings and the names of the manufacturer on them, but this style of swastika flag was not made for 'official' use as such. They could have been displayed almost anywhere, and they made wonderful souvenirs for the Allied troops to pick up. These flags seem to be referred to as an "NSDAP flag" or "NSDAP banner" in collectors' circles. Many years ago I had a 15 foot version of this flag, which I bought from the widow of a British intelligence officer, and it had absolutely no markings on it at all. All it had were several small holes along one edge, where it had been hung on a wall during the war!

    All the best,


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