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RKF: Is it real?

Article about: I'm looking for anybody who has information on weather my kreigsmarine World War II flag is fake or authentic it measures 23 in by 36 in the material is Stan It is Well marked it is double h

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    Default RKF: Is it real?

    I'm looking for aRKF: Is it real?RKF: Is it real?nybody who has information on weather my kreigsmarine World War II flag is fake or authentic it measures 23 in by 36 in the material is Stan It is Well marked it is double him. All the way around I would like to have information if anybody thinks it is real or not thanksRKF: Is it real?RKF: Is it real?RKF: Is it real?

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    I'm not an expert, but I have gained a lot of information by being a member of this forum. The swastika looks a little unusual, but, have seen one other authentic flag with this exact same pattern. Have you given it the burn test? If there is any threads or damage-like fray hanging from the flag, clip it off and then burn it. If the thread turns to ash, this is a positive sign that the flag is good. However, if the thread burns, but balls up, then this would suggest synthetic material, and possibly a bad flag.

    Just my opinion, but the flag looks good to me.

    Eventually, I'm sure that someone with expertise in this department will be along to give you much better advice than I can.

    Hope it works out for you. Cool flag. Thanks' for posting the photo

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    It looks very new. Nice shoes, by the way.

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    Quote by TABSTABS1964 View Post
    It looks very new. Nice shoes, by the way.
    They look like trainers to me. As for the flag... it looks poorly printed, and as already said, rather new looking. Maybe you should have checked around before purchasing.
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    No, it is not real.

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    Agree--100% reproduction. Aside from the poorly done inking, the markings on the bunting are overdone (the faker would have likely added more if he had a longer bunting!) and atypical of original examples, bunting fabric and construction is wrong, the size doesn't match up with the markings, etc.

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    Harry the Mole and Erich have, in my opinion hit, on points that indicate it's a reproduction. The material looks like a synthetic, maybe nylon. The genuine flags that I have seen, were actually wool. Dwight

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    When it comes to comparing original Kriegs flags with reproductions, the telling is always in the proportions of the Iron Cross. See below. On an original, the white border around the cross is much thinner, and the space between the arms is much larger as a result. It may not be obvious on its own, but compare the two side by side, and the difference is very pronounced.

    There are subtle differences in the proportions and thickness of the swastika and bars as well, but the proportions of the Iron Cross tend to be drastically different on reproduction flags, versus originals.

    Left: Original - Right: Reproduction

    RKF: Is it real?RKF: Is it real?

    In the case of the original poster's flag, the cross looks more like those used as the insignia of the Luftstreitkräfte. Much thinner, barely joining in the centre.

    Regards, B.B.
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    Sadly as already pointed out, it is a repro.

    Moved the thread to the flags forum.

    Please study some threads here to see some originals.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    BrodiBartfast... Is that original yours? Man, that is a nice flag

    ... P.S. I just watched Dr Strangelove last night. Classic

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