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State Service Flag

Article about: New to flag buying, looking to verify the authenticity of a recent purchase of mine. Thanks in advance for all the help.

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    Default State Service Flag

    New to flag buying, looking to verify the authenticity of a recent purchase of mine. Flag is about 5-6 feet long. Thanks in advance for all the help. State Service FlagState Service FlagState Service FlagState Service Flag

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    What are the dimensions? 3' x 5'...

    Can you take closer and clearer pictures of the flag material as well..

    At first look I am not a huge fan of the maker tag that is sewn on here.. It looks too new,, I am still looking into this maker.

    Also I have never seen a wooden toggle like the one pictured. Would like to see better pictures and closer pictures of that as well..


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    Thanks for the quick response, I just bought the flag online in an auction so I don't have the actual flag yet, these are the only pictures that were posted so im unable to post anymore photos than these for now. The flag is coming from the U.K. (im in the U.S) so it may take a few days to get the flag.

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    Thank you Cuda,,

    I will continue to research the flag label and see what other information I can find for you..

    Best regards, stay safe


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    Thanks so much for the help, you as well.


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    I belive this flag is not real. From those pictures it is hard to say about this material and I do not like that.

    About that label, this Fahnen-Kley HAMM (Westf.) maker is not real one.

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    For learning purposes whats wrong with the material and how do you know the label is fake?

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    The tag is a known fake, there are several lists of known fake tags on some other forums.. This maker is one of them,, With that said I am not ready to completely dismiss the flag as not being good, The flag itself merits closer inspection and better photos. The flag may be real but to enhance the price a fake tag was applied to make it more interesting and "convincing" for those who are not informed or study flags. If you blacklight test that tag I will bet that it will glow very brightly and the stitching may also glow..

    I really want to see some clear close pictures of the material, the printing of the different colors (if there is any bleed over from the red and black, etc. It may be a save but as I have said before an original with a fake tag has been altered and thus "tainted" in my opinion so regardless of what you do with it (remove the tag or whatever) it is still not authentic pre May 8, 1945...

    The wood toggle is something that was added later as well, maybe to keep the halyard rope from being removed from the flag,

    I would try to reach out to the owner and ask for a refund if possible.

    Another reason why we strongly recommend vetting items here prior to purchasing, especially in areas that you may be new to or are purchasing for the first time...


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    Well this Fahnen-Kley HAMM (Westf.) is listed fake maker.

    Material it is just hard to say from those bad photos. I attach to here example close up from mine state service flag, so you can compare materials when you get that flag.

    State Service Flag

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    I've asked for a refund, well see if it goes through or not. Thanks for all the help guys. Do you have any reputable sites you buy these from?

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