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Thoughts on this pennant.

Article about: Is this a divisional flag? Where would it have been used. All thoughts appreciated.

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    It is also double sided and appears period.
    Imagine in the TR sweatshops "what idiot sewed those on there,geez,oh well send em out"

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    Circuit advertisement Thoughts on this pennant.
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    Quote by Mazlin View Post
    It is also double sided and appears period.
    Imagine in the TR sweatshops "what idiot sewed those on there,geez,oh well send em out"
    You sound as though you are doubting Wim. You asked me to get in touch with him and ask his opinion, which I did. But you cannot even be bothered to ask me to pass on your thanks to him, nor for that matter, you can't even be bothered to thank me for asking him! The new breed of collector I presume!


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    Default Organization Buch Der NSDAP SA Kommand Flagges

    Now do you believe what Mr. Saris advised via Harry The Mole, Steve? Your welcome.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Thoughts on this pennant.  

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    Steve,after that little outburst I would love to meet you face to face and Steve sometimes if you have nothing good to say you should just keep quiet.
    Where have I said I doubt anybody?It is just a pennant that in the interests of this forum looks period to me with perhaps added patches,who knows.
    Thanks for your input too Rich,that’s great.

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    The manufacture of what I'd call a burgee looks good but what its intended use was for is anyone's guess. The typical divisional flag/pennant edge & patch would be piped in gold twist cordage and the one you posted has no piping. At first glance I thought it was in blue of an Ortsgruppe but I think you mentioned the 3/255 patch is silver piped. So without the outer pennant piping it does not meet the requirement for use.

    The smaller flags were used on a staff for SA turppes to be able to find and come to order behind the flag bearer. Imagine 30 men in a company, where 2-300 companies are in the Munich Zeppelin field trying to find their company to be present and at attention when der chief speaks. Without these markers it would be total mayhem.

    So size plays an important part as well and I can advise at one time I had an SA Ritter Sturm standard swallow tail flag (bottom right in the panel I'd posted previous), with its patch and the flags edge piped in gold. There were 3 clips for mounting which were stainless steel with a sprung stainless tounge riveted to the hook itself to put pressure on the hook to keep the hook closed in foul weather. The edge that attaches to the staff was finished in black leather. That SA Ritter Sturm swallow tail standardt was around 3' long and 1.5' to 2' wide. These flags were produced to take the weathering and parading abuse so the leading edge closest to the staff requires either wrapping, the pinning with tress or the leather leading edge.

    I might have a photo of it but not certain where it is. If I find it I'll post it. That one went to Bob Coleman years ago as he and I traded militaria a number of times.

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    Thanks for that insight Rich.
    Would you have any idea where the divisional patches would have been used seeing they must not have originally been where they are?

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    Carl, as seen in the flag plate post of SA Kommand flagges, they would of been placed in the same spot as what your burgee has and it in that position.

    What you have to take in consideration is the piping that runs the outer edge of the flag. Without that it becomes a useless piece of paraphernalia in the scheme of things divisional, regimental or other wise.

    This could of perhaps been an item a proud trooper wanted to have for his home to show that he supported the SA and was a member or an item produced for window display. Without images supporting it's use it's hard to say what it exactly is supposed to represent.

    See post #18 at this link for what the SA ritter sturm flagge looks like. The flag illustrated is not the one I had, the one at the link is lime green in color, the one I had was dark ever green patch (if memory serves me correct) with gold piping around it's patch edge and the flag itself. Note the leather on the flags leading edge. here is the link:

    S A Fanfare Trumpet

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    Okay thanks,
    An oddity.
    It came with a huge state flag and a flag pole top which I think is RAD.Swastika inside a round notched ring.Snapped off at bottom.
    Thanks again for your input.

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