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Otto Jung, his professional career in service of the Kaiser and in the Third Reich

Article about: Otto Jung born in 1891 joined the Bavarian army in 1909 and left the service in 1911 having the rank of a “Gefreiter” and became a Reservist. Traditional wise his companie ordered the Reserv

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    I already saw the pictures when you just got it at your doorstep. We both agreed that this is what the hobby is all about: finding something that’s even better then you expected! Great grouping and a great dagger. Congratulations my friend


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    Circuit advertisement Otto Jung, his professional  career in service of the Kaiser and in the Third Reich
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    Behind the cabinet-closet, must have been perfect storage conditions, along with the cotton bag the hirschfanger was in. It's not often you can pick up a blade and know it is in exactly the same condition as when it was made 80 or so years ago. An extraordinary find, but one that gives hope that there may be more treasures yet to find.

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    Well Ger that is a one of a kind find in prestine condition. A grouping like this is something that i have not seen before.
    thnx for showing this museum quality find.
    best regards and keep posting these beautiful gems

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    "It's not whether you get knocked down...It's whether you get up"

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    How did this thread escape me !! Wow ...your normal standards for quality are always nigh on unreachable for us mortals Ger , but this one has elevated the bar into the stratosphere An extraordinary grouping that I doubt could be bettered ! I'm so glad that it has eventually found it's way to you Ger , where it belongs , as it could not have ended up with a better carer . Thanks for sharing your joy.

    We are the Pilgrims , master, we shall go
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    Thank you all Gents for the nice words, its appreciated!
    Sometimes all those endless hours searching for, and hunting down historical items pays of!
    Its like usual: no pain no gain!
    I was delighted to find these gems and was Lucky enough to win both auctions ( Hirschfänger with docs and the Krug with wehrpass were 2 different lots)
    Thank you Larry for making this one a sticky!


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    The completeness of this grouping is what really grabs me, practically a full life history on the gentleman. The condition of the hirschfänger is also superb. Something like this is really the pinnacle of collecting & why we are involved in this hobby. Congrats my friend on a super group.

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    Hi Ger!
    Great find - rarely found today.

    Interesting that his last rank, following the papers, was Oberforstwart - though his Hirschfanger is for rank Revierfoersteranwaerter and up.
    I am sure that Otto Jung, due to his seniority, rose to rank of Revierfoersteranwaerter in 1943/44 and that he bought this cutlass according to his new higher rank.
    It was possible in TR for lower ranks to promote to the carreer in the gehobener Forstdienst, if he showed special ability in his duty.

    Perhaps this document, showing his promotion to Revierfoesrteranwaerter, got lost during the last days of the war and was not enclosed in its hiding place.

    The style of the cutlass is typical TR, so it is not an inherited piece.

    I have found his name in the 1936/37 Forsthandbuch, with his correct rank of Revierforstwart (special rank in Bavaria) at this time.

    Many Thanks for showing - always nice to see such complete paper work and some "hardware" belonging to the same forester.

    Best Wishes

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    Although this legacy did not came with his awards i was very eager to add them to this grouping, and i was able to find the proper ones.

    Otto Jung, his professional  career in service of the Kaiser and in the Third Reich

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