Hello Everyone-
I wanted to let you know that today, I updated the available items list on my website: Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flags, One-Thousand Stitch Belts, Banners, Amulets of Protection, Militaria Collectibles FORTUNES OF WAR MILITARIA - FortunesOfWarMilitaria.com I added a number of pieces to the "Senninbari Consignment" page, the "Militaria Consignment" page, as well as the normal "Good Luck Flag" section. There are some rare senninbari as well as difficult to find good luck flags being offered. In addition, I want to thank you all for the constructive feedback, positive comments and support of my website. I hope to be adding more items like those seen here in the near future, and want to encourage you again to bookmark us or check back often.

Dr. Mike