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Help. Which material corrodes to red? Confirm if authentic!!

Article about: Recently got an m4/27 with red corrosive look on reverse. I’ve tried to look at sticky thread to determine material, but figured I’d just ask the experts. Also, is there anything to be d

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    Holy shit,
    Did I write in German?
    I'm getting old, sorry...
    Thanks Aldo

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    Circuit advertisement Help. Which material corrodes to red? Confirm if authentic!!
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    LOL, I thought you were making a better point in German.
    Regards, Al

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    Kabl, Share the translation if you will.
    Also Al, thanks for clarifying that the steel is covered with silver paint so I won’t destroy it.

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    I apologize to each of you. I see Al that you sent his translation. I’m looking from my phone and didn’t put what transpired in proper perspective. I thank you both!!

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