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Assistance with Id'ing Fake Photographs

Article about: Well, I know there are other threads that have been started in the past about the originality of Wartime Photos. However, I frequently receieve PM's asking for advice or assitance about how

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    The Agfa Brovira paper used for the Galland photo dates from the 1940s, so it is possibly good.

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    no, it doesn`t shine blue. surface is not matt.
    And is it not UV-positiv (see the pictures)
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    This photo should have an obverse with some sheen because it is printed on Agfa-Brovira gloss stock not their matte stock. There was plenty of this paper left in supply well after the war as well. It is definitely not a privately taken photo but rather some form of press photo. Whether it is an original copy or like a first generation reprint I am not sure. I felt like it is a reprint because the features are not the sharpest but many press photos like this that were taken by who knows were not any sharper than private shots.

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    For me, as I said earlier, and given the quality, this is not a purely personal print. But undoubtedly a reprint made during the war or even after. (Sorry I did not understand your sentence too well, my translator did not work well).

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    Hello Frühling,

    where are you from?


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    ah ah moi je viens de france. And now I'm writing a book about ww2 photography, or at least how to collect them. Hard and long work but so exciting I discover so much from year to year ...

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    Hello Guys,

    Today I received 5 photos which I have bought in 5 different online auctions of the same seller. It is not photo paper but matt cardboard. Each picture was made of exactly the same heavy paper. First I have thought that I have bought collecters pictures for an album but the pics are cuttet out in a crooked way. The seller guaranteed with refund policy that the pics are original. So can You please tell me if the pics are fakes or have been cutted out from a book or a collage which is original? All the pics are blacklight negative. And what do You think about the stamp on the backside of one picture?

    Thanks in advance for answering my request.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Assistance with Id'ing Fake Photographs   Assistance with Id'ing Fake Photographs  

    Assistance with Id'ing Fake Photographs   Assistance with Id'ing Fake Photographs  

    Assistance with Id'ing Fake Photographs  

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    Sorry, but these are all junk. Hopefully you did not pay much but it is also good they can be returned. In reality they belong in the paper shredder to dispose of them. The photo of Ritterkreuz träger is Wilhelm Niggemeyer but it is a pretty poor reprint. It might not be the case, but based on what I have seen I would not be surprised if the crease is actually part of the image and not actually there.

    The photo of the two soldiers carrying a panzerschreck belongs to the Bundesarchiv and is not the worst reprint but it is bad (to the bone).

    The two concentration camp photos were taken by a US Signal Corps photographer at Dachau. Originals are at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York. These are really bad copies. Not sure of the origin of the hanging photo although it is bad like the rest. I have never seen photos with such poorly cut, slanted borders aside from an album I own. The veteran of the album cut off the deckled edges of his photos; not sure what the purpose was for the photos shown here.

    Regards, Ben

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    Thank You very much for the quick reply. I want to show the seller a comment of an expert to avoid discussions. You are right to ask me for the sense of this request because You don´t need to be an expert to notice such a poor quality.

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    It should be very easy to get the refund for these as you cannot argue any of them are authentic. The paper is not glowing because it has been treated, or they found old stock to print them on. The four aside from the Niggemeyer photo have all yellowed exactly the same and in a tone that looks very reminiscent of Russian archive fakes.

    Here is the link to one of the originals of the Dachau photos. You can see the huge difference in photo quality between yours and this one at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

    Emaciated prisoners at Dachau concentraction camp, Germany, 1945 | The Digital Collections of the National WWII Museum : Oral Histories

    The Bundesarchiv photo- again much higher quality than yours. The photo can be referenced in many places online and a license can be bought from the BA to use the image.

    File:Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-734-0013-13, Russland-Nord, Soldaten mit Raketen-Panzer-Buchse.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

    The quality of the others are just as bad while their original counterparts have quality as high as the linked images.

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