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Assistance with Id'ing Fake Photographs

Article about: Well, I know there are other threads that have been started in the past about the originality of Wartime Photos. However, I frequently receieve PM's asking for advice or assitance about how

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    The seller answerded today that I can sent the pictures back and recive a refund. The pictures are not worth the postage but i thiank that he will try to sell this rubbish again. The photos were just by-catch. I bought original badges from him which were offered as copies.

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    Agree with Witt that #367 photographs are trash. As already said you should return these to get a refund and do not give the vendor the opportunity to decline a refund (should the items be lost in the post during return).

    If you gave not done so already it might be worth your while to display any other items you bought from this seller in the appropriate forum. It seems rare to get good original badges but also trashy pictures from the same seller. Thank you for posting.

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    this kind of stamp, with a Wh, waffen SS, Pz div GD.... or other inscription, is generally a bad sign. There are also fake studio stamps, which are also quite common. The reason for this is to catch the eye and make the photograph look more real than life.

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    Default Opinions on my latest photo purchase

    Hey everyone,

    I received this portrait postcard in the mail today - the image is very sharp in detail & does not seem to be a postwar print. On the back of the photo is some writing in german, which I will translate in the coming days. the photographers details can be seen as well. Just wanted to post it up and see what everyone else's take is on this photo.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Assistance with Id'ing Fake Photographs   Assistance with Id'ing Fake Photographs  

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    Rotated it for legibility.

    Assistance with Id'ing Fake Photographs

    I see no issues. Appears to be dedicated to his mother on her birthday.

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    I thought I would post it up as I was a little skeptical after purchasing this on Ebay. Really appreciate your reply!! thank you

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    Yes it is a nice, sharp studio portrait. And he is wearing a M16/M17 transitional Heer helmet reissued from the Great War. Possibly early war.

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    beautiful photograph everything is good for me, that it is the colour, the quality of development (we are on a photo studio therefore still happy). idem the serrated edges are well in the style of this time.

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    Thank you for your observations (: - one of the sharpest studio portraits i've seen so far.

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    Thank you. I really appreciate your thoughts on this (:

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    At least that's usually the case, they're sharper than a simple photo. Because they were taken by a professional, but above all because at the time it cost a certain amount of money to have photos taken.

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