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Heydrich funeral pics

Article about: Here's some pics you might like to see. Regards Stewy

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    Default Re: Heydrich funeral pics

    OP, great pics.

    Nice touch, that you both have the captions and included them in this thread. Great info.

    Bob, thanks for the interesting info. Would be great, if the uniform could be, where we could see it, but I guess the subject is (too?) controversial.

    'tailor marc,' there are several pics on the interweb of the car.
    Ive been both to the museum, the corner where the shooting/explosion took place and the crypt where finally members in the mission were hunted down.

    The latter is a haunting place to visit, if one has studied what happened before hand.

    I have my doubts about the vehicle BTW

    Years ago, when last I visited the musuem, there were many artifacts on display.
    The SD collected evidence, during the investigation reconstructed what had happened and used the artifacts or some closely resembling the clothes, bikes, guns involved.
    All this was supposedly found after the war and put on display.
    Attached Images Attached Images Heydrich funeral pics  Heydrich funeral pics 

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    As recently as several years ago, a period tram ticket was found within the pocket of an overcoat belonging to one of the paras - incredible to have gone unseen for so long.

    The recreated display shown in the above posted image, replicates the window display of the central Prague branch of the shoe store Bata, which was part of the attempt to gather information during the immediate aftermath of the attack on Heydrich. The store is still located on Václavské náměstí today - recent image attached.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Heydrich funeral pics  

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    I never saw the car !
    The bike is in the Gestapo file with all you saw. > Knihy: Heydrich (Jaroslav

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    I saw the vehicle, but I have my doubts as whether or not, its the car.

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    Praise be to God, this pig has finally died....

    This is what Josef "Sepp" Dietrich said when someone told him that Heydrich was dead...
    nice photos....

    The sacrifice of life is a huge sacrifice, there is only one that is more terrible, the sacrifice of honor

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    I understand. Carl, where is this car now? Not in the Army Museum, not in the technical museum...

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    Fantastic thread, thanks to all that have contributed, all the pics and info are fascinating.

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    The bike in 1942, Gestapo file.

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    Leaving the castle.

    Crossing Charles Bridge.

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    Default Re: Heydrich funeral pics

    Excellent pics.
    I assume the bottom one is from a book or magazine...

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