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Knights cross ceremony

Article about: Hello everyone, I have this original knights cross ceremony photo of Feldwebel Möse, I assume that he's Walter Möse and awarded on 11.3.43 (from tracesofwar) but why the date on the back i

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    Default Knights cross ceremony

    Hello everyone,

    I have this original knights cross ceremony photo of Feldwebel Möse, I assume that he's Walter Möse and awarded on 11.3.43 (from tracesofwar) but why the date on the back is 9.4.43?
    I'm looking for more information of description on the back and his casualty card it would be appreciated.

    Knights cross ceremony
    Knights cross ceremony


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    Hi KC

    It is possible that Traces of War may be inaccurate which dates this Mose soldier on March 11 1943 ...when the photo is dated April 9 1943.

    I have researched past relatives that some of these Research websites have near documented dates and not actual to what do not match with what a family has on record.

    Past family friends of mine died in a house fire March 7 1972...and a research center ( decades later ) had the date of death a month prior which is erroneously wrong I watched in Horror the firemen carrying out the wrapped up bodies of my friends in March of 1972.

    The point:....dont put full trust in some of these deceased peoples sites and at least posting your photo here is a great start to finding out a true date.
    Even presently misdated documents and info are still happening today because someone needs to close a report.

    Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Hi kc.

    Larry is right, sometimes data is not recorded correctly and human error can be an issue.

    With cases like your photo it is always best to look at multiple sources to try and find a conclusion.

    I had have a look around and found some information that I hope helps.

    I think Walter Möse is the right man. He was awarded the Knights Cross for an action south of Lake Ladoga (südlich des Ladogasee) as noted on the rear of the photo)

    During the fighting south of Lake Ladoga in February 1943, Möse and 7 men were ordered to secure the retreat of their Bataillon. A sector that had previously been held by 2 Kompanien now had to be held with just 7 men. At 02:00 hours Möse and his men first eliminated a Soviet reconnaissance patrol (consisting of 25 men). At 03:45 a new hostile assault troop with 60 men met the same fate. Finally, two Soviet companies launched an attack against this sector at 06:15. After a 30 minute firefight Möse and his men pulled back to the old Bataillon command post, and from here counterattacked a Soviet force that had broken through on the right. This group, consisting of 18 men, had hidden in an old ammunition bunker to shelter from the bitter cold and were not expecting the arrival of Möse and his troops. They cleared out the bunker and finally pulled back to the new defensive line, while taking their wounded comrades with them. For this successful rearguard action in the face of difficult odds, Oberjäger Möse would receive the Knight’s Cross.

    Möse, Walter -

    He was a Zugführer in 13./Kompanie Jäger-Regiment 49 of the 28. Jägerdivision which at that time was fighting near Leningrad (now called St Petersburg) where Lake Ladoga is located.

    28.Jager-Division - Feldgrau

    Lake Ladoga
    Lake Ladoga - Wikipedia

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    The rear of the photo -

    I would say the photo is an original press photo, not a privately taken photo. The reason for this is the information on the rear.

    Bild Nr. A 118 249 (Picture No. A 118 249)

    herausg 9.4.1943 (published on April 9, 1943)

    An der Ostfront (On the Eastern Front)

    PK (Propagandakompanie) - Aufnahme : Kriegsbericther Ebert - PBZ (Propaganda Companie - Recording: War reporter Ebert - PBZ)

    So Kriegsbericther Ebert (War reporter Ebert) would have attended the ceremony on 11.3.1943 to take photos, then his negatives would have been sent from the front to be printed and distributed for propaganda purposes, hence the publishing date of 9.4.1943. Interestingly it appears your photo was printed in Bruxelles (Brussels).
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    I found another photo taken by Kriegsbericther Ebert near Leningrad -

    Press photo - Farming with tractors by Leningrad, Russia (1943) By Kriegsberichter Ebert.

    Source -
    Original WW2 German Press photo - Farming with tractors by Leningrad, Russia (1943)

    I have found one Kriegsbericther Ebert, who was in Propagandakompanie 681, but I am not sure if it is him and I can't find any information about this unit unfortunately.
    One moment, please...

    Some information on Wehrmacht Propaganda Troops -
    Wehrmacht Propaganda Troops - Wikipedia.

    Kind regards,

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Knights cross ceremony   Knights cross ceremony  

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    This is an interesting thread. The subject of which I know the likes of Willmore, myself and others like to get to grips with.

    According to the VDK database they list him as:

    Walter Moese

    Geburtsdatum: 30.09.1920

    Geburtsort: Langenbielau

    Todesdatum; 28.11.1944

    Todes: Plauendorf

    Dienstgrad: Oberfeldwebel

    I can find no casualty card for either Möse or Moese…

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    Thank you everyone for the information, I really appreciate it.

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    Looks good on a frame

    Knights cross ceremony

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