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Photos of Germans by the KV-2s left in Zhovka

Article about: Hello, The latest photos of KV-2s I have come across. The first two were photographed by the same soldier on two consecutive days. I cam across the third photo a week later and noticed it wa

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    Photos of Germans by the KV-2s left in Zhovka

    More photos from the internet.
    By the way, in the very first photo presented by Witt, on the roof of the KV-2 tower we see a soldier in a mountain cap without an edelweiss badge. This also proves that he is the future Jäger from the 97.Leichte-Division

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    Circuit advertisement Photos of Germans by the KV-2s left in Zhovka
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    Really great thread guys and randomly, has anyone spotted the little cat in the very first photo? If not look at the bottom right of the picture.

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