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My little collection of panzer parts

Article about: Here's my wee collection. Battle damaged Panther wheel and 3 Panther tracks, I do have 4 pins for them. Tiger 1 steel wheel and 3 Tiger 1 tracks also with 4 pins. A set of Kingtiger tracks a

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    Finally got the mine blown track mounted with the damaged wheel of a Panther and just have to paint up the other Panther stand. Still waiting on the early tiger 1 tracks to arrive. I'm toying with mounting a knights cross with oaks in the centre of the tiger 1 wheel. The early wheel, hook and the tracks coming are of sPzAbt502. I have a Justin Zimmerman art print coming depicting Carius and Kercher attacking an armour unit in a village, I also have both commanders autographs to mount with it above the wheel. The Carius autograph means a lot to me as I got that when he was alive. Currently I'm putting together an AP 8,8 to go with the display. I'll keep the late Tiger 1 stuff separate as a display though. Got the KT KwK boxes painted and varnished, kind of like the 503 print with them.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My little collection of panzer parts   My little collection of panzer parts  

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