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My Tiger I Relic collection

Article about: Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been fascinated by the infamous Tiger I. Right around the time when I was in the 2nd grade or so me and father watched the great movie Kelly’s Hero’s

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    I just love Tiger parts, all shapes and sizes..

    The bigger though, definitely the better
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    Quote by The Devil's Bank View Post
    I just love Tiger parts, all shapes and sizes..

    The bigger though, difinitely the better
    I'll second that!

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    I like the rustic look of your stands, the burnt / sanded back effect on the wood sits well with the rusty relics. Complimenting textures !! NICE

    Kind regards, Jon
    Also stops the relics scratching even the cheapest shelves/units.

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    This is a very interesting site and its truly amazing what does turn up, and I can understand your enthusiasm, but some facts need explaining, there were no Sturmtiger units in Lativia, apart from the Courland Pocket remaining until the end, it was approximately July 1944 that the Germans lost the rest of Latvia, well before Sturmtiger units appeared anywhere.

    Bovington Tank Museum never had the complete Sturmtiger that came to the UK for evaluation, it was scrapped at I believe Chertsey in the mid 1950's, the gun only was retained for showing at Shirvenham as part fo their weapons collection. The Sturmtiger that was hoped would be at Bovington when the other Tiger types were on show a couple of years ago, would have come from Germany, but never did of course.

    Lastly a story from a guy I meet often still alive here in England;-

    A Luftwaffe veteran friend of mine was an MG 42 gunner in the 7th Fallschirmjager Division in the Reichswald battles (although not a para himself), he remembers this “huge box shaped thing” arriving and firing two projectiles that they were able to watch for some time as they left a smoke trail and were not that fast (his words).
    The problem was that this “Thing” then left quickly but they got the return artillery fire lasting about half an hour, apparently very unpleasant for him and his group.
    As he was taken POW on 27/28 February 1945 near Weeze/Udem this firing obviously happened a little before that.

    It was the Pz Sturmmorser Kompanie 1002 formed in October 1944 that was in the Reichswald in early 1945.

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    No Sturmies in the area, thanks for that, so my 16kg lump is Tiger 1 lower rear corner / track adjuster access port for sure !!
    My chunk would have been nice to have been Sturmtiger (but no way to tell whether Sturmtiger OR Tiger 1) but your fact has cleared that up.


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    Hi Jon,
    Sorry to have spoilt your Sturmtiger idea, but anyway of course there were some Tiger units in Latvia, so assuming that the lump of armour you have is from Latvia (and not brought in from somewhere else by the Latvian seller), what I can discover is that III / Pz Rgt Grossdeutschland and its Tigers were in southern Latvia near Doblen in August 1944 and lost about eight Tiger in the area.

    Secondly sPz Abt 502 was in northern Latvia in approximately mid 1944 and of course lost a few Tigers, I am sure someone else more knowledgeable about Tiger units can give more exact details etc.,.

    So I hope this is useful information for you,

    cheers LENNARD

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    I've heard on the grapevine..

    That there is a complete Tiger in one of the many rivers in Latvia.

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    Thanks for the Info Lennard, the Chunk of Tiger 1 was definately found in South Latvia from a Latvian dig location collection, so that III/Pz Rgt Grossdeutschland is very likely indeed.

    What do you collect ?

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    Hi Jon,
    It is good to have a piece of Tiger that also has a strong very possibility of it being a Grossdeutschland lump, that is a real bonus.

    Collect many subjects, including information, mainly on German softskin vehicle types, factories, modifications, production figures, usage in combat, unit histories etc.,

    I do have one piece of Tiger II armour, I showed it earlier on this thread, maybe 18 months ago approx, but thats all.

    Did a lot of German softskin vehicle restoration once, but now have only my BMW R75 to play with.

    What about you, over and above lumps of German steel ?

    Have a query, a friend of mine wants to know the best site(s) for advertising parts from German tanks, wheels, track etc., can you name any ?

    cheers lennard

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    Most impressive! Can't beat having the real deal. Enjoy your collecting

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