The piece of Tiger II that I have is a 40mm thick piece from the floor armour, its has a chamfered edge and welding still attached. It came from Tiger "301" of 3/503 lost just north of the River Seine in early September 1944. I was taken to the site by a local collelctor I knew and dug a little into the earth and there is was with other bits and pieces, I was only allowed to take this one piece.

After the war 301 was intact, but the French Army packed it with munitions found in the local area and blew it up, but I believe someone was either injured or killed during that explosion, the turret landed in the next field and remained their for several years, the blown up hull pieces were removed for scrap, but as the floor armour was forced into the ground most of it remained in situ to be found later, albeit in fragments like my fragment.

The running vehicle is a 1943 BMW R75, use it at least once each week.


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