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My Tiger I Relic collection

Article about: Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been fascinated by the infamous Tiger I. Right around the time when I was in the 2nd grade or so me and father watched the great movie Kelly’s Hero’s

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    One gotta love the Tiger relics!! The coolest tank ever Here is one of my Tiger relics,I made a model of the Tiger I and mounted it on a relic vision port glass

    My Tiger I Relic collection

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    A very nice display! That vision block is awesome.

    I agree 100%. For me personally I can’t think of a more infamous tank. There’s obviously the King Tiger, but the Tiger I will always be my favorite.
    Best Regards- Jarret

    "This rifle is your girlfriend number one.... Then comes your real girlfriend!"- Said by Hermann Göring to my late friend Walter while serving in the Luftwaffe

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