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V-1 Flying Bombs

Article about: These are the 'Doodlebugs' I have photographed on my travels. If you have any you have seen in museums etc please post Nick

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    Best I could do shots of one at the AWM!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture V-1 Flying Bombs   V-1 Flying Bombs  

    V-1 Flying Bombs   V-1 Flying Bombs  

    V-1 Flying Bombs  

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    Quote by mpw View Post
    Here is one that eventually ran out of fuel after nearly 80 years and crashed in a garden near Ashford Kent (actually a mock up made for a 'War and Peace' show). There is a direct link between the MZ motorcycle and the design of the V1. Who knows what it is?

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    You are thinking of Walter Kaaden, but Kaaden never worked on the V1 but he worked on the Hs 293 radio controlled missile.
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    The sectioned V1 that was on display up until recently at Hendon. I know there doing a revamp replacing the real thing with interactive displays so don't know if it will return (the V2 has gone as well, Also Gorings medals & a host of other historical items) regards, Paul

    V-1 Flying Bombs

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    Quote by Composite View Post
    Was it the only motorbike which survived the blast having been shielded by a hedge?
    Classic stuff

    Any more pictures of the Doodlebug in the hedge?

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    .....thanks for the pics.....a fascinating subject-the secret weapons.....bringing death to the cities
    .....engineered for high production output ...''simple''' and performed as designed

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    all great posts, please keep em coming.

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