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Your Favorite Item In your collection??

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  1. Ryan B
    Ryan B
    Hey Guys Whats Your Favorite item in your U.S collection?
  2. cricketchris1944
    I would say my D-day airborne crickets.
  3. Ryan B
    Ryan B
    My Favorite is probably my Great Uncles Ike Jacket.
  4. milmuseum
    I have too many to list but one of my favorite WWII items is my 1939? Pineapple grenade. This is one that was painted yellow per Army regs in the 1930's. They were all repainted OD green shortly after the Marines started fighting the Japanese in the South pacific and they realized how stupid it was to have a bunch of bright yellow grenades hanging off of their uniforms. The yellow paint is still visible and the grenade is untouched besides being disarmed.
  5. Franz1944
    My Personnel compass that came from MIA.
    Even though my focus is Infantry
    Lets see your favorite piece or pieces of your U.S collection!
  6. Walkwolf
    I have too many to list as well, but my absolute favorite is a 1942 Willys MB. I've owned it
    since 1999, and spent many hours finding, finishing and installing the many parts
    needed for detailing it.

    As always with these, there are recurring problems - mostly with electrical. I do not have
    enough time/money to fix her up mechanically perfect at the moment, but I do
    take her to local shows/fairs in the summer months.........
    Willys MB 1942....
  7. reneblacky
    Mine would be my GPW Jeep also, I've post it here My Late 44 Willys Jeep
  8. Wolfe1165
    My favorite is a cased WWII purple heart that has been attached to a chain and shows signs that it had been worn as a pendant for a long time.
  9. Nige H
    Nige H
    These days I've not really got much of a collection, so I suppose it would have to be my M 1-1-5 Optical gas mask. Oh a Vietnam period M1 Carbine Scabbard the M1941 Cavalry Model also known as the Linesmans Scabbrad, yes they were still making those in the 1960’s LOL.

  10. kylesbullets
    Mine is my canteen with a matching belt that I got as a gift from a neighbor
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