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a few wrecks in INDO

  1. kiwiwreckdiver
    Just got back from 2 weeks in Indo Bali and the Gili's dive the USAT Liberty off Tulamben, Bali
    USAT Liberty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    and the Japanese PT boat off the Gilis (still had 6 live deapth charges on her stern with .50 and 20mm shells everywhere very cool little dive
    Trawangan Dive: Japanese WWII Wreck

    Love finding parts of human history in our oceans.
  2. wiki
    How deep? Very cool
  3. DeutscheTy93
    Sounds like such an awesome dive ! I would love to dive an old German U-boat such as U-85 "My first dive was an artificial reef US Army Tank". I can only imagine diving an area with such history such as where you were
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