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Authentic or fantasy

    I have a wrist watch that was sold to me listed as 3RD REICH WRIST WATCH-On
    the back are the words in English 'BASE METAL BEZEL STEEL BACK. The face
    uses numbers and under 12 o'clock there is a round circle with a swastika
    and the words around it SOZIALISTISCHE DAP. The bottom where 6 o'clock
    should be is a SHIELD with a SWASTIKA. I suspect that this is not an
    authentic 3RD REICH WATCH but rather a FANTASY ITEM. If it is indeed a
    FANTASY WATCH, is it permissible to sell it on my WAR RELICS SITE? If it is
    an AUTHENTIC 3RD REICH WATCH is it possible for you folks to verify that
    it's so?
    Eddie Winston
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