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WWI Aviation Collar Insignia

  1. CThomas
    I figure I'd start this party off on the right foot. Any one want to talk about Aviation collar insignia? Enlisted & Officer alike....

    Steve knows I've been very fortunate to pick up two large groups of collar insignia, along with a few odd-ball pieces here & there. Last count, I had about 90 pieces. I've been studying them closely, took some good pics & gaining some knowledge about construction methods. If you guys got any lingering questions about a certain piece of Aviation collar insignia in your collection, I just might be able to help you out.
    Hope all is well with yous guys (that's not a typo-it's a hold over from my days growing up in NY...)
  2. Steven M
    OK Chucky, hows about some photos for us...hmmmmmm?
  3. BEAST
    Donde esta el photos? I am learning to habla real good!
  4. CThomas
    Crap! I haven't been notified you guys replied to this little discussion. Let me see about gathering up a few scans for ya...
    Erick- Your Espa?ol is coming along just fine. Keep at it!
  5. CThomas
    Hey guys. How in the world to I attach images without using a host website? The only option I have right now is to click on that "Insert Image" link & that pops up a box for inserting an image via a web server. All of my photos are on the hard drive...
  6. AZPhil
    Complain to the management!!!!!!!! Tell them we are not going to take this anymore and we deserve a paperclip for this group. WE WANT BANDWIDTH-WE WANT BANDWIDTH-WE WANT BANDWIDTH!!!!!!!! }8)
    Semper Fi
  7. AZPhil
    Hello anybody home???
    I just notice my last post was 2013 here.
    All Quite On The AF Front!!!
    Semper Fi
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