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Erkennungsmarken group

  1. Rik.S
    Hi guys,

    This group is for anyone who is interested in or who collects Erkennungsmarken. Nothing serious, I just wanted to start a group where we can share our collection and/or have discussions regarding WW1 and WW2 erkennungsmarken. So for those who joined, feel free to post and share.
  2. BlackCat1982
    OK, so lets see if we can't get the ball rolling:

    For anyone collecting German TR or earlier Erkennungsmarken (dog tags) I would recommend inveseting in the following, the best (thus far even though there are some errors) in Jean Hoidals book which covers the entire range of German as well as Allied, to a lesser extent tags. It is in German language only.

    Deutsche Erkennungsmarken. Von den Anf?ngen bis heute: Mit den geheimen Codierungen (MOB-Listen) der Luftwaffe (Deutsch) Gebundenes Buch – published 30th July 2005 written by Jean Hoidal. This is the book with the green cover rather than his earlier version, in blue cover which didn't include Luftwaffe MOB nummerliste.
  3. BlackCat1982
    If you prefer English language then;

    German Military Identification Discs - World War II - Collecting Paperback – Illustrated, 1 Oct 2005
    by Ulric of England Fine Medals & Militaria (Author)

    This book is by no means an exhaustive list, but if you find a copy at a good price then I would recommend buying it.

    For the dedicated SS Erkennungsmarke collector;

    Die Erkennungsmarken der SS-Einheiten Gebundenes Buch – published in 2011
    and written by Hinrichs - Dohse. Format 22x30 cm, 158 pages, 400 illustrations.

    I don't have a copy of this one as yet, as SS Ekm aren't really my forte and only have what I've recovered during my searches of the battlefields.
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