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Sieg Heil screw back badge real?

  1. ultor870
    Can anyone tell me if the "Sieg Heil" SS badges with the green oak leaves at the bottom and a screw back marked with the Reichsadler above and rzm 215/41 below are real WWII (or earlier) items?

    I'm a pretty new collector and am trying to learn and grow my collection, but I don't want it to grow full of reproductions.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.


    Also: I do have pictures saved, but can't figure out how to post them on this forum. When clicking the "Insert image" button, I am only given the choice to add from a URL and not from my computer. There is nothing that says, "browse" or anything like that and nothing at the top to choose my computer instead of the URL. Any help there would be great, too.
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