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Blokadnik Ssh-36

Article about: As you may know, I have found an Ssh36 'Blokadnik', but I have now found one that has a blockade-made chinstrap AND is dated. Everything appears to be original to me; the paint, decal, chins

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    Default Blokadnik Ssh-36

    As you may know, I have found an Ssh36 'Blokadnik', but I have now found one that has a blockade-made chinstrap AND is dated. Everything appears to be original to me; the paint, decal, chinstrap, and liner. To me this is an incredibly well preserved 'Blokadnik', but, I would like to just post this to see if anyone has a different opinion. The photos of the liner is a little blurry, so I shot the seller an email asking for better quality pics of the liner and stamp. I will be sure to post those pictures once I receive them. (I didn't post photos of the stamp here as I am waiting for the clearer photo of it.)

    Blokadnik Ssh-36Blokadnik Ssh-36Blokadnik Ssh-36Blokadnik Ssh-36

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    PapaStalin, I'm like you, I really want to like it, but my goodness those pictures are terrible. They are either blurry or in bad light.

    If I had to judge based on these pictures, though, I would give it two thumbs up. Shell/star are 100% good, liner looks fine (is the drawstring present?), shape and stitching on that chinstrap match the one I posted a while back.

    Please do post better pictures if you get them, and like you I would also like to see the date/size stamp. Thanks and good luck, let us know if you get it.


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    I have asked them for pictures but forgot to tag the item # so I resent them an email today asking for more photos of the liner and stamp

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    Even with bad pictures that looks like a pretty good candidate to me.

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    Like colleagues, even with these photos this helmet makes a good impression.
    The term "Blockadnik" is often used to rightly or wrongly designate a helmet that has been repaired
    Also request a full side view (2nd photo) .

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    They just got back to me and told me that they had already sold it

    They should really invest in a new camera, as all of their pictures are grainy and fogged like these.

    They have a Budenovka for sale that looks interesting, to say the least. I have asked for better pictures of that as well. I'm not well educated on those, so I really have no clue about it, but I am very suspicious of it as the lining seems to be made out of something similar to a tablecloth material, which has a very Russian-ESC pattern on it. I will post it in a new thread once I receive new and clearer images, that is if it isn't sold already (they seem to have a bad habit of not marking their items as sold on their website).

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    Bummer. Who is the seller, and how much did it go for?

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    It was from a guy who runs a website called oakleafmilitaria. You can still see the helmet right now, as he hasn't marked it as sold. It went for a mere $800. I hear they are now worth around $1000. The Budenovka for $250, and if I am not wrong, seems to be the 1922 model?

    Edit: He just responded saying that the Budenovka has also been sold and that he will remove both listings from his website. Should I save the Budenovka photos so that (if real) they can be 'studied' in the future?

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    Here are the photos of the Budenovka for reference (of course they are foggy):

    Blokadnik Ssh-36Blokadnik Ssh-36Blokadnik Ssh-36Blokadnik Ssh-36Blokadnik Ssh-36Blokadnik Ssh-36

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    Regarding to the inside of the budenovka, which... I found "Interesting."
    Anyways, I found a thread with a budenovka almost exactly like it.

    Anyways, here's the link-> Interesting budenovka

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