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Helmet: Russian? Ssh39? WW II?

Article about: Dear all, May I ask you about this helmet please? Ssh39? Russian? WW II? Any comments are wellcome! Inside there is the number 2 1652. With best wishes alter musketier

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    I'll correct myself - the Russians used a leather liner on the SSH-39 helmets - only in a very short time. And the liner looked not so - here in the photo. Helmets SSH-39 were produced a little more than 1.5 years. And all the produced helmets were sent to the army and the fleet. From 1941 to 1960 the factories were already producing a helmet SSH-40. Almost all of the manufactured helmets SSH-39 in 1939-1945 went through 3 military campaigns - Russian-Finnish, Russian-German and Russian-Japanese. The multimillion multiplicity of the produced SSH-40 helmets and the serious quantitative losses of the SSH-39 helmets in combat caused that the SSH-39s were decommissioned and stored in warehouses. Only in 1950 the Ministry of Defense ordered the factory repair of stored SSH-39. After these helmets (as a model removed from the supply for the army and banned for use in combat) were sent to the units of the local air defense (MPVO) and training centers for civilian military training. In the army of the communist bloc the helmets SSH-40 were transferred, not SSH-39. The Yugoslavs used Italian helmets M33, which in appearance look very similar to the SSH-39.
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    Greetings Alter ,not entirely sure what you have here but trust mixers comments, I am not familiar with the liner but reminds me of the pre ww2 Bulgarian m36's allthough it is not ,the thin chinstrap with it's roller buckle and metal keeper is also nothing like i have seen before on soviet ssch 39's or Czech post war helmets ,my own thoughts are perhaps a very early reworked Vz 53 example with a liner and strap from a previous czech model as the chinstrap looks the type found on the Czech m30 spanish civil war export

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    Dear mixer, dear James C,

    Thank you very much for your researches! It remains thrilling about the history of the helmet.

    Dear mixer,

    Very interesting story about the way of Ssh39 and that they were not transfered to other countries of the bloc after the war.

    With best wishes
    alter musketier
    In memory of my father who was in K-Einsatz, combat engagement, with the RAD in the Alps in 1945, of my grandfather who was with the IR 87 during campaign in France in 1940 and of my grand-uncle who served in the Gardegrenadierregiment Nr. 3 "Königin Elisabeth" and who was killed in action at Craonne, Chemin des Dames in France in 1917

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    Hey there musketier, i share your problem. I own a very similar helmet to yours which was found in a summer home in moravia.

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