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Soviet Caps for review

Article about: Dom is "the man" on Soviet gear He helped me out a few times too. Regards, Lars

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    Default Soviet Caps for review

    Can anyone tell me if these are original wartime caps? They both look ok to me, but I'm still learning when it comes to Soviet stuff I didn't buy them yet btw.

    First up is this 1940 dated Pilotka. The stamp says "40г." but I've heard that these stamps are sometimes faked
    Soviet Caps for reviewSoviet Caps for reviewSoviet Caps for reviewSoviet Caps for reviewSoviet Caps for review

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    Default Re: Soviet Caps for review

    Next up is this Ushanka

    Soviet Caps for reviewSoviet Caps for reviewSoviet Caps for reviewSoviet Caps for reviewSoviet Caps for review

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    Default Re: Soviet Caps for review

    Hello Mate

    Can't tell about the Ushanka. The Pilotka stamp looks a bit strange to me. I'm not "expert" on the construction itself, but i find it weird that the 40г part of the stamp is so hard to read/not clear as the other parts. The 56 right on top of looks fine. Maybe a '48 that have been changed? Would not be 1st time in history Where is it from?

    Regards, Lars

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    Default Re: Soviet Caps for review

    Hey Lars, thanks for the reply hmm you have a good point about the date...
    These caps are being sold by a guy in Estonia.

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    Default Re: Soviet Caps for review

    If the Pilotka is from '48 the construction will be as a WW2 one. The price will of course not be the same. We need a skilled guy on stamps. As for Ushanka. A lot of army clothing was worn by civilians post war and to this day. This is why it's near impossible to find a WW2 telagreika in Russia, as example. Today farmers, workers and such do not wear work clothes. They wear army clothes. The concept of army surplus stores (USSR/Russian) is almost non existent here. So the Ushanka could be a 50's 60's issue and look well worn out WW2 style. I can't tell from the construction alone.

    If you are a USSR collector you should PM some time I look a lot of "stuff" up here for people. Honest USSR items can be hard to find.

    Regards, Lars

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    Default Re: Soviet Caps for review

    Yes, a 1948 dated cap would be identical to a wartime example - after all, it's only 3 years after the war!

    That's interesting about the farmers wearing surplus clothing...

    I have a good feeling that the Ushanka is wartime, I've compared it to some known originals and it looks exactly the same. And as far as I know they made them a bit different post-war (I could be wrong). But as you said, the extensive wear was probably done post-war. I guess we'll just have to wait for more replies, there must be a "Ushanka expert" around here somewhere

    OK Lars, I'll PM you


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    Default Re: Soviet Caps for review

    Ade is usually very good at this, but there is others as well of course

    People in the country side are generally quite poor. Not all of course. In short you can say that most army clothing here is being worn until it falls apart. I guess it would have been even more so post WW2. There is surplus stores here but it's most German, Dutch , British etc. Not like Denmark and US where you can go to a huge store selling basically everything the army uses or have used.

    Regards, Lars

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    Default Re: Soviet Caps for review

    I like them both and would regard them as "wartime". Very nice 1936 pattern cap stars on both of them too. These would sell for £40 each here alone here in the UK.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Soviet Caps for review

    Good prewar raspberry piping infantry officer pilotka , the stamp seems to be Samoilova factory Leningrad

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    Default Re: Soviet Caps for review

    Thanks alot guys Very much appreciated!

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