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Ssh39 Liner Type 1

Article about: Hi all- I cannot find another example of this type of liner on an SSH39 Apart from one on, and they are selling said helmet. My collector friend does not believe that thel

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    Default Ssh39 Liner Type 1

    Hi all- I cannot find another example of this type of liner on an SSH39 Apart from one on, and they are selling said helmet. My collector friend does not believe that theliner is real since he hasn’t seen any other like this, but I believe it is real, as it resembles a type 1 early liner.

    Here is a link to the helmet: Captured reissued ssh39 luftschutz helmet Hamburg

    Also, is the luftschutz decal good? I am no expert on german items, but from examples I’ve seen, the swastika is silver, not black. But then again, I’m not at all close to being an expert on German items/helmets etc.

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    In my opinion the liner is good, Italian style pattern.

    I cannot comment about the decal, since I'm not a collector of iii Reich militaria. But it seems pretty clear that the decal on this one was "restored" at some point, look also at the word luftschutz and the various black lines. So that could be the reason for the black swastika.

    I think you want to buy it. My advice is to wait the opinion of a real expert with this one. It's not an ordinary ssh39, the decal was messed a bit, and there is the strange "us army 1944" stamp inside...

    Best regards

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    Thanks for the response. I talked to numerous Russian collectors and they have all said that it is a good example. My theory is that the US Army 1944 stamp is a capture mark, meaning that this helmet was used by the soviets, captured by the Germans, and then later captured by the Americans.

    I ended up winning the helmet for IMO a very very reasonable price. I will post pics of it once I receive it.

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    The asking price is imo too high. The decal is been seriously messed with (postwar restoration with a black felt tip pen). For that price I've seen unmessed with Soviet captured Luftschutz helmets recently. Btw, quite remarkable how many Soviet captured Luftschutz helmets hit the market lately.

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    for reference

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    That linertype exists in Black like in mine early dated example
    brown I am not shure but, many diffrent liner Types were made for that helmettype and I think brown Type 1 liners were a part of them
    For comparison here pics from mine with
    LS decal and black liner
    I think the Soviet helmets example is good and for a bit to high price
    I paid for this example 200€ on the Kleinanzeigen and for a normal Piece without decal and M36 liner 50€
    the only thing that is a pity is that the decal was denazifized and than painted with a pencil

    Best regards
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Ssh39 Liner Type 1   Ssh39 Liner Type 1  

    Ssh39 Liner Type 1  
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    Quote by Marcel Banziger View Post
    The asking price is imo too high
    I actually got it for cheaper from their eBay bidding (they have an eBay account).

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    Do you guys honk it would be worth to remove the postwar black sharpie outlines and swastika (without removing original decsl and paint)?

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    My opinion is that it would go from bad to worse. But opinions on this usually differ a lot.

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    I would let it like it is if you buy it because it is like to remove colour from a overpainted M35 DD(the decals were removed like the postwar paint)
    But thats my opinion
    And when the helmet was in an auction it can go higher than the price on the webside(wide higher)
    Many collectors want specially this helmettype next to the german helmets
    My helmets I found on a platform like a online Fleemarked with people that dont know the prices of these helmets and then you got it extreme cheap(SSH-39 stamp destroyed 50€ include shipping)
    Best regards

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