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The Afrikakorps cuff title

Article about: See Dan,it's a buzz when you pick up on things you've learned from your time in the hobby,well done mate. Shows you're making progress,keep up the good work. Stewy

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    Default Afrika cuff!

    Good evening gents would you please look at this cuff as for me its looks like a tartan wave fake?Thanks in advance.
    Regards Rolands
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The Afrikakorps cuff title   The Afrikakorps cuff title  

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    Hi Rolands, the pictures could be a bit more sharp and close up. The letters R and P have similar size holes. The O on the back looks more round than Oval. My spider sense tells me this is a copy. Check page one tutorial and you will most likely come to the same conclusion.

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    Definitely a fake!

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    As Vocht and paulscoot have already said, it is unfortunately a fake.
    I add Adrian Stevenson thread about Afrikakorps cuff title's from our forum for more information and examples.
    The Afrikakorps cuff title
    Regards, Jannis.
    A small example, compare.
    The Afrikakorps cuff titleThe Afrikakorps cuff title

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    Here is a scientific question. I own 2 original Afrikakorps cuffs. However, the letters are not the same size. Look at the image below.
    The Afrikakorps cuff title

    Anyone who can compare and share some insights on this? The length of the cuffs is the same. The size of the lettering is not.

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    IMO, production process required,two different templates.

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    This is all down to how the machine was set up and how the cloth was tensioned. This will lead to variations. Also bear in mind two different machines may have been used.

    But the basic traits of an original will not change. So don't get too hung up on measurements.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Excellent replies gentlemen. Confirms my thoughts. Thank you for your input.

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    Wow Ade,very good help in this collecting... Best Regards Martin

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