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Help with item

Article about: Hello! Thinking of buying som items so I wonder what the forum has to say about the item and the dealer. https://www.lux-military-antiqu

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    Lux militaria I know the owners....I have not seen or heard of anything "bad" on his site, other than being expensive. But as I say..."Nice things cost money"

    The other website I don't know well enough to comment
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    Can you please post pics ? Links are useless when the item is gone and leaves no reference for collectors in the future.. G
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    I suggest you start new threads for each item and post photos, not links, as we do not allow outside photo hosting here, (posting auction links is the same).
    When these items are sold, this thread will be useless as a reference for current and future members.
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    I used to get updates from Espenlaub Militaria all the time.
    I never bought from them because of their high prices.
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    Okey thanks everybody! I will try to start a new thread with the specific item.
    It is hard to see when it is high prices as a new collector. I dont reallt know what determends the price.
    Is their any speciall site/dealer you recomend that has lower prices?
    Would be appriciated with some advice.

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    What is it you are looking to collect ? Tunics, badges, helmets, hats....etc.etc. ?
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    My main interest are in tunics and helmets.I find them exiting, like if the soldiers soul is still in it. Apart from badges etc.

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    Try for tunics reasonably priced. .com

    There are others..but these guys are fairly priced IMO
    "When 10 men tell you you're drunk, you better lie down."

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    Are they located in Europe och North America?

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