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My Heer tropical tunic

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    Default My Heer tropical tunic


    @+, pegase001

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    Although it is a very nice tunic made of cloth, it's not a tropical one. The sixth button of the front closure & collar hook/eye indicate a lightweight summertime tunic for use in the Mediterranean area (but not in Africa). Also, there was no need to sew the eagle on the top of the flap, again because of this sixth buttons. Breast pocket flaps are unusually shaped. IMHO in this case tropical Litzen and Hoheitsabzeichen were applied to match the color of the fabric, because the continental issues of the insignia produced for the woolen Feldbluse were too visible on this tan color. This said, one can find late war summertime tunics issued with continental insignia factory applied. I do own one of these tunics, in tan HBT, with tropical insignia, 1943 dated with scalloped flaps. Some collectors do consider those tunics as a 4th tropical pattern, i'm not one of them.
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    thanks a lot for your informations


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    Thanks for posting, I have also heard of this type of tunic referred to as the 4th pattern tropical, while it has the six button closure, and not the typical lay down collar and 5 button front closure, it could be that all tropical and or Sudfront tunics made 44, 45, all have the 6 button front closure ?, ( don't think that statement is correct) regardless of material Luft type, olona italian material, and this type od cotton material. This tunic in particular has scalloped pockets flaps, and have only seen it in this type of material. the luft type fabric, with straight pocket flaps, and the Olona type with slightly curved edges of the flaps and also straight in this material. What is more interesting is the different type of materials used for the interior of these. I do like the variety and makes for interesting collecting.

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    thanks pegase001

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    This tunic has many telltale signs of being a 2nd pattern with extra buttons and eye/hook added later. It would be interesting to get closeups of these details to see if this is actually the case.
    Of course if this is the case, it would make the eagle placement quite unusual.

    I could be wrong but it doesn't hurt to look.


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    Great looking tunic

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