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Army dagger value?

Article about: Assuming that the blade is decent , the asking price needs reducing by 50% to have any chance of being sold !

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    Default Army dagger value?

    Army dagger value?
    Hey guys, there's this fellow that has this dagger for sale, he's asking 1200$. I think that price is high, but I'm no expert by any means. And I would love to hear what you guys think if its real and a good buy? Thanks

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    Circuit advertisement Army dagger value?
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    Default Re: Army dagger value?

    I think the "fellow" is on drugs if asking that much (IMO).

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    Default Re: Army dagger value?

    I agree thats way too high even with the hangers and portapee, btw the daggers in the scabbard the wrong way which proves he knows nothing about the dagger or true values

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    Default Re: Army dagger value?

    It looks good from a distance but closer pics will be needed to ensure its authenticity, he is asking about double the normal price.

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    Default Re: Army dagger value?

    Yeah I agree. Not sure how rare this model is but price is pretty steep. Offer less or keep looking.

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    Default Re: Army dagger value?

    I can hear his argument now. "This is a super rare German WWII dagger. You know they don't make these things anymore!" Can't tell you how many times I've encountered people who think their $200-$500 piece is not worth the $1500 they want. There is a local guy where I live who wants $975 for an army dagger and luftwaffe buckle. I know there are variants of buckles more valuable than others, but he does not state any such variant, he simply wants the moon for his items. I agree with the others who have said pass if he does not come back down to earth with his prices.

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    Default Re: Army dagger value?

    To stay on the side line here can you tell us if it has an etched blade? does it have a dedication? who the maker is will also help us put a price on it, but if it is a standard dagger ??? yes silly money
    cheers Ronnie

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    Default Re: Army dagger value?

    All great advice from the members and as Ronnie said mainly the details of the dagger would set the price. These type of daggers w/ the hangers and portepee are relatively cheap and abundant. A dedicated engraving or etched pattern on the blade with Glass grip may be the start of a $1200 Army dagger..otherwise,,just a common generic type not worth the asking price. Better detailed photos are needed....or even just wait for a better Army example to come along. Check out Regards Larry
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    Default Re: Army dagger value?

    I sold one a year ago that was near mint.I received $800.00 and that's really about what an Army sells for.He is way over and even if it is a 100% this seller is asking way to much!IMO. Of course the "big" edged weapon dealers ask that price for just about any Army they have!!.Maybe you should go on to the classifieds and do much better! PS. It had nice hangers and a knot that was on there for a long time!

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    On an army dagger I start at $400 for one in VG condition. Add $100-200 as you get closer to mint condition. Add 50-75 for a knot. Add $75-125 for a hanger. Subtract $50 for no maker. Add $50-150 for a rare maker. Subtract $50 for a white grip. Add 50-100 for a nice colored grip.

    So a unmarked Army with white grips VG condition is around $300. A excellent to near mint with a nice knot and hangers from a rarer maker with a nice colored grip is around $900

    This is a basic formula I would use.

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