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Hack-werke heer dagger (fish logo)

Article about: Thanks Ger..more great detective work ............ take note of the letter on the tang..either an M" or a "W"

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    Default Hack-werke heer dagger (fish logo)

    all -

    I've acquired (from a pawn shop!) a really nice heer dagg by obscure austria/styer maker HACK-WERKE. (jos. hack)

    it has a chrome/nickel plated blade and nice early silver'd fittings (generic pommel and scabb, wingen-type guard.) and of course the fish-in-oval stamping.

    I'm told maybe a handful exist worldwide. anyone hazard a guess as to value?

    thanks & '09 best,


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    Default Re: Hack-werke heer dagger (fish logo)

    Attached Images Attached Images Hack-werke heer dagger (fish logo) 

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    Default Re: Hack-werke heer dagger (fish logo)

    pic 2
    Attached Images Attached Images Hack-werke heer dagger (fish logo) 

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    Default Re: Hack-werke heer dagger (fish logo)

    Never seen the dagger with that markings, must be rare

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: Hack-werke heer dagger (fish logo)

    extremely rare; someone on another forum said there were only maybe five in the whole world. here's another pic
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Hack-werke heer dagger (fish logo)  

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    Anyone else have this producer in their collection? Looks to be a rarity for this producer to make.
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Hi David,

    ive seen you posted this one on GDC, a lovely dagger and a rare one to encounter.
    It would be nice if you would add some more pics for reference purposes here.
    It has nice Wingen hardware.
    Did you got it with the makermark on front or did you put it back this way when you opened up the dagger?
    Normally mark logo would be on the backside of the dagger.
    Thx for showing, and its hard to put a pricetag on a rare maker like this.
    , but i would prefer a early Klaas slant above this rare logo dagger, i paid 900 euro for the Klaas, but it all depends on how hard you would need it.
    If you would be a logo collector then the price could even be a bit higher.

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    Rare MM for sure! Looks to be all type "B" generic so far...Kevin.

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    Hi Kevin,

    its been posted on the GD forum, and there its shows a Wingen guard, rest is indeed generic

    here the GDC tekst:
    it's got an early, heavy, silvered wingen guard, early nickel or chrome blade
    with "W" on tang, and generic pommel and scabb.

    here the reply of Jon about this dagger:
    Great dagger and it looks like a tapered tang as well. Its the first one I have seen and probably the last for quite some time, very nice that the Wingen fittings are matched with the "W" Wingen manufactured blade. I am curious as to when Hack would have added their maker mark and who did the plating, I find it unlikely that it would have been done by Wingen.


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    Now that's a rare one!!!!!!! some really rare heers popping up on here recently and great to see them!
    thanks for sharing this, cheers Ronnie

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