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Pommel Heer dagger

Article about: Hello everyone. I have dagger pommel, its weight is 17g. From your experiences which manufacturer is it ? late or early production ? Thank you Regards Mitsu.

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    Default Pommel Heer dagger

    Hello everyone.
    I have dagger pommel, its weight is 17g.
    From your experiences which manufacturer is it ?
    late or early production ?
    Thank you
    Mitsu.Pommel Heer dagger
    Pommel Heer dagger
    Pommel Heer dagger
    Pommel Heer dagger

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    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Pommel Heer dagger  
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    Looking at the beautiful carved acorns and the raster pattern on top between the leaves i would say Klaas type 1.
    We have a similar in our Heeresdolche book
    Dagger 49, a Klaas type 1B
    Early pommel of course production date 1935-36.


    Pommel Heer dagger

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    hello Ger.
    Indeed it is the same as on the Klaas type1 !
    On the other hand while searching on the forum I saw a post from Larry.C on a magnificent personalized Höller dagger which also has the same pommel.
    Could we say here that it is a bit like a generic version of the pommel but of early manufacture ?
    I know there were generic early-made crossguards (Reference Tom Kendall)
    So why not, right ?
    what do you think ?
    Thank you.


    Pommel Heer dagger

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    The handwork on the early Höllers and Klaas pommels can be very similar.
    a bit like the toolmark behind the eye and the neck carvings can be found on the Höller type 2 but also on Pack type 2 alu and Klaas type 2 guards.
    Of course not all producers casted their own pommels always but many like Klaas produced and bought parts from others when needed.
    The handwork done on them in most cases determens the maker.
    Who casted them in the beginning is hard to tell.


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    yes I agree with you but also maybe everything depends on the worker who worked on it because if I compare the two identical Höller pommel (with same crossguard) they sometimes do not have the same finishes by hand. I take the photo of Larry and the second is from the collection Kendall.
    It's not easy to collect Heer daggers ! but that's what's interesting ...

    Pommel Heer dagger
    Pommel Heer dagger

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    In these days there were hundreds of workers doing the same jobs at different plants.
    We see this raster pattern at more plants but not on all daggers of that factory.
    Paul weyersberg
    Abr. Herder (on their Pack 2 aluminium)
    We see on different batches by all these makers similar enhancements, hard to tell who started first
    We also see that what we saw as "typical"Höller toolmark and neck grooves on guards of other makers, for example Klaas and Pack.
    Who started first? who copied it?
    Im trying to track doing these enhancements for quite some time now, also trying to find out what scabbard Pack used beneath that XXX scabbardbands.
    After years i think i might have the answer, perhaps Danny & I will publish it in "Heeresdolche 2nd. Volume" in the future...

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    Good research Mitsu

    Gerrit and Danny wrote the book to simplify it further...its just now a matter of deeper study with these Heer daggers.

    Best Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Thanks to you Ger for your explanations.
    So let's wait for this "heersdolch 2" it will be a very good additional information on heer daggers !


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