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Brondie Helmet İdentification ?

Article about: Hello everyone, I found this helmet but i have not any ideo for this. Please help me more id?

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    Exclamation Brondie Helmet İdentification ?

    Hello everyone, I found this helmet but i have not any ideo for this. The store I bought it from has some with the Turkish flag on it. Turkey was one of the support units in the Korean wars and America and England provided military equipment support (available in M1 helmets). Could this be from the British or Americans at that time? I want to find the estimated year and country of production of the helmet. Please help me more id?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Brondie Helmet İdentification ?   Brondie Helmet İdentification ?  

    Brondie Helmet İdentification ?   Brondie Helmet İdentification ?  

    Brondie Helmet İdentification ?  
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    That is a very unusual thing. On first glance I thought the liner might have been Portuguese (from the M917/30 helmet, relined British shells) but it is not (very similar though). Greece did have many relined British and South African shells, refurbished with Greek liners, after WW2. It isn;t one of those either. The liner looks as if it would be a home-made replacement.

    The only real way of dating the shell would be finding a stamp inside - makers mark and date. But that might be impossible because of many overpaints. I will be as interested as you to know more about this.

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    When we examine only the outer shell, it is obvious that it is a Canadian/British Turtle helmet. Which one do you think Mk? (mk3 mk4 mk5). I'm curious about the estimated dates in which the steel part was produced, and was it only produced by the Americans or the British?

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    It's definitely not a "Turtle" shell, It's a MK2.

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    Hello, Portuguese maybe?
    The British MK1 helmets (M.917) being safer than the M.916 remained the standard helmet of the Portuguese Army after WW1. A new model of liner replaced the old British ones in the 30s. The old Portuguese M.917 helmets were transferred to the Defensa Civil Territorial (DCT). Overtime the MK1s were also transferred to the DCT when replaced.

    Brondie Helmet İdentification ?

    The DCT was disbanded in April 1974.

    Paolo Marzetti ELMETTI. 2003 page 298.
    Les casques de combat du monde entier 1915 à nos jours. Vol 2 page 260.
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