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Dutch M38

Article about: Posting a helmet I recently bought. It's one that I have been wanting for a while now, so when I saw it pop up online, I just had to snag it. While I mostly focus on Norwegian helmets, I've

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    Default Dutch M38

    Posting a helmet I recently bought. It's one that I have been wanting for a while now, so when I saw it pop up online, I just had to snag it. While I mostly focus on Norwegian helmets, I've been trying to collect at least 1 specimen of each of the helmets worn by the early war allies. Next ones my list: Danish m23, Greek m34/39, Belgian m31
    Dutch helmets are not my area of expertise and the naming system does slightly confuse me, but what I believe I have here is a Dutch M38. This can be identified by the extra hole on the liner band next to the rivet. From what I read, these shells were made to be exported to Romania, but due to a lack of helmets in the Dutch army, they decided to keep them and press them into service.
    Dutch M38
    Dutch M38

    Dutch M38
    Close-up of the Lion Crest. Spent quite a bit of time looking through other websites and forum posts, so I believe this all to be original. It retains basically all of the black paint.

    Dutch M38
    Dutch M38
    Extra hole in the liner

    Dutch M38
    De Spoel Rotterdam: marking of the liner manufacturer

    The next 3 photos are of a possible acceptance stamp on the liner, but VERY faint.
    Dutch M38
    Dutch M38
    Dutch M38

    Overall, helmet is in very good condition. All leather is easily pliable without any dry-rot. Only issue was the dead spider that threw me for a nasty surprise under the felt pad!
    Very happy with this least until I hear it's all a buttered up fake

    World War Hemets
    Dutch M34 WW2 Helmet
    Dutch helmet and Kepie

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    Calling my Dutch collection complete
    Dutch M38

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    May be seeing things, but the acceptance stamp on the leather band appears to say 1940?

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    MAP is offline


    Very nice helmet. I will defer to the experts on any observations as I know little about them.

    I have one just like this
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

    "Don't tell me these are investments if you never intend to sell anything" (Quote: Wife)

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    This appears to be an M38. With an acceptance stamp: CM 1940 (Centraal Magazijn - Central Warehouse). This helmet was destined to be exported to Romania, and you remark, was diverted to the Netherlands army due to a lack of helmets. The romanian helmet was slightly different in shape. Especially the angle of positioning the liner. The pre drilled holes in the shell were not identical to the Dutch M33. So two extra holes were punched in the liner band to fit our liner.

    The stamp in the flap of the liner indicating the manufacturer of the liner "De Spoel" is an enigma to me. I have only once more seen such a stamp. Nice!!

    Good unspoiled hetmet!

    Now you only need to aquire the M27, M27GR, M27GE, M33, M40C and of course the series of KNIL helmets: M36, M39, M40, M40 KNIL GR, M41 KNIL Milsco 1 and 2, M40 KNIL Type Roman 1 and 2, M41 Soerabaja 2 and so on.


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    All those variations are enough to make my head spin . Thanks for the input!

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    Nice piece!
    What about the M16 series Emile

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    One final picture to show the profile difference between the M38 and the M40C.
    M38 left M40C right
    Dutch M38

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    Indeed: M16 (1mm and 1.5 mm) , M16-A, M16-B, M16-C and M16-D. Some made by Van Heijst, Artillerie Inrichtingen, Verblifa , Hadfield or Eskilstuna.


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