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Military issue or home use?

Article about: Hi I have recently acquired the attached helmet. Several months ago I decided to collect each standard MK British military issued Helmet. My question is, was the helmet military issued? It i

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    I remember reading something about certain factories issuing their personnel with steel helmets during the war. Don't know if that's the case with this one, but it's a possibility.
    Perhaps this is one that never received the khaki overpaint.

    EDIT: It looks almost battleship grey. It's a long shot, but perhaps Royal Navy?

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    Whatever it is, it's got me stumped! I have made another thread regarding another Brodie, please can you have a look?

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    Could it be an Auxillary Fire Service Helmet as these were originally Grey and would be early issue ?

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    The first batch of MK.11 Helmets made went to the Police, Fire Service and ARP, the Helmets for the Fire Service and ARP were initially all painted grey then changed later on but many Helmets carried on throughout the war as grey, the size of the nut on the top of the Helmet is correct for that date, the smaller nut is a MK.111 introduced in 1942 as an economy measure , the MK.11.No 2 Helmets the ones with the holes in the rim did not come in till July 1940 because of a Helmet shortage, so I would say its Home front.

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