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Texture and paints for restoring mk2 & mk3 helmets

Article about: Hello everyone! I'm new here and I figured I'd put up my first thread. In short I'm looking for information about the texture and paint colour used on British mk2 and mk3 helmets. It's been

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    Default Texture and paints for restoring mk2 & mk3 helmets

    Hello everyone!

    I'm new here and I figured I'd put up my first thread.

    In short I'm looking for information about the texture and paint colour used on British mk2 and mk3 helmets. It's been really frustrating looking for original sources so I have turned to this forum. Yes, I have read most post on the forum about these helmets already. I just want to make sure my information is correct before I start putting paint and texture on metal.

    Basically, my friend restores German helmets and he's turned absolute pieces of swiss cheese back into some proper ww2 helmets and he kinda challenged me to do the same but with allied helmets. So I bought a couple of messed up shells and I am now at the stage where I can repaint/retexture them. (No worries, none of those had original paint)

    For Khaki Green no.3 I got this colour: #8A865D
    For Dark Brown (S.C.C. no.1A) I got these three, not sure which one would be best: (1) #5c422e (2) #381F18 (3) #442F27
    Then early war brown, I have no clue what to use haha.

    Also, did canadians use diffrent paint? (and no texture???)

    My biggest issue is finding the right material for texturing the helmets. My friend uses aluminium oxide for the german helmets (like they would have back in the day) but I'm not sure what the british factories did in their paints. I hope someone here could help me with this. Ofcourse I could go with the field method and just grab sand, put it in the paint and apply it by brush but I just want to be as accurate as I can.

    You're all thanked in advance. I'll put up some pictures below when I get home from some of the helmets I got.

    Kind regards


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    Hi Jasper, I can't help you with the colours but I support your project. You'll give a second life to helmets that would perhaps ended up at the dump. Doing so, you physically handle the helmet & build a relation with it. Have fun, prepare yourself for mistakes, once the helmet is back to life you'll be proud & happy about your project. Jack

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    Thanks jack. Yeah it's unfortunate to see some rotting away, I got 2 mk3's that were being used at plantpots on Malta. Being outside in that salty air really messed them up badly. I really apreciate your support! Also to give them a 2nd life I really hope to recreate/restore them toĆ  the best of my abilities. makes me really hesitant to start painting them (mostly because i want to get the texture right)

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    Hi Jasper, I'm no helmet restorer... But I repainted a soviet Ssh 36 helmet see link: SSH 36 shell, original or reproduction?
    As for the paint colour, remember that there was always a little difference from batch to batch. For the Soviet in the 30s it was a remarkable one making it easier for me.
    As you probably know there is a Restoration & Refurbishing section under Collector's Community in the forum.
    I did not put my Ssh 36 project there because I did not start the thread as a Restoration project. It would have been better in that location to receive more input & at the same time present your project to like minded people. I'll keep an eye on your project.

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    Hey Jack, I've completely missed the Restoration & Refurbishing section on the forum (was too busy looking in the helmet section for ideas ) adn yeah. If i'd known i'd have it posted there but it is what it is. But I know about the colours not being the same eventhough now I got some rather accurate colours ready only have to figure out the texture and i'm good to go.

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    Last thing Jasper, I believe that Canadian MK 2 helmets were painted without texture, according to World War helmet web site. But keep in mind that Canadians used old MK 1s until supplied by the Canadian manufactured WW2 MK 2 helmets.

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    Yeah I figured, i got a canadian mk2 with original paint. A CLC from 41. no texture like you said. however the british mk2's were appearanty made less shiny with sandpaper or with texture. not sure if the canadians sanded their helmets

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