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Ww2 M1 or not?

Article about: Hello, can someone look up this M1 helmet shell and tell me if it is ww2? Heatstamp is 6 2 5 (either 0,3,8 or 9..) Have no picture because it is so faded, it is barely noticeable let alone t

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    They did, but it is not Belgian nor German, they had a different rear which comes out alot more

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    Quote by Rakkasan187 View Post
    What do you estimate the size of those numbers?

    I think they are too small for a US heat stamp...

    The heat stamp numbers look too small to be USA. They are larger on McCord shells and on Schulter also.

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    The bales dont look US. They are reverse put on, suggesting a euro clone of LS, ulbrich of vdn make. However since it’s magnetic it is most likely not. Some say there are magnetic helmets by theses makers, I never seen then though. Much more likely it’s a diaward steel works helmet (Hong Kong) or a Thai make. Probably more Southeast Asia countries that made them also. They all used these bales, and where all magnetic, shell, rim, bales.
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