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U Boat Epoxy Resin Diorama

Article about: I thought this was a pretty cool video and a great Diorama

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    Default U Boat Epoxy Resin Diorama

    I thought this was a pretty cool video of how this guy made this great Diorama

    U Boat Epoxy Resin Diorama

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    That’s really cool wish I could build models like that

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    Amazing !
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    Fair play

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    Fantastic and very clever. Probably not something you could just "have a go at" though


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    Cool video and model - i'd be happy with that :-)

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    Very cool!!

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    Wow, this is amazing precision work. He makes it looks so easy. A true craftsman.
    Regards, Al

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    I'm watching his "Arizona exploding" build on youtube at the moment, another mind blower!!
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