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Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

Article about: Hi guys, After some research I came to a stunning discovery!!! In a letter dated November 9, 1939, to his "dear parents and siblings" back home in Cologne, a young soldier statione

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    Post Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    Hi guys,

    After some research I came to a stunning discovery!!!

    In a letter dated November 9, 1939, to his "dear parents and siblings" back home in Cologne, a young soldier stationed in occupied Poland wrote: "It’s tough out here, and I hope you’ll understand if I’m only able to write to you once every two to four days soon. Today I’m writing you mainly to ask for some Pervitin …; Love, Hein." Pervitin, a stimulant commonly known as speed today, was the German army’s — the Wehrmacht’s — wonder drug.

    On May 20, 1940, the 22-year-old soldier wrote to his family again: "Perhaps you could get me some more Pervitin so that I can have a backup supply?" And, in a letter sent from Bromberg on July 19, 1940, he wrote: "If at all possible, please send me some more Pervitin." The man who wrote these letters became a famous writer later in life. He was Heinrich Boell, and in 1972 he was the first German to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in the post-war period.

    Many of the Wehrmacht's soldiers were high on Pervitin when they went into battle, especially against Poland and France -- in a Blitzkrieg fueled by speed. The German military was supplied with millions of methamphetamine tablets during the first half of 1940.The drugs were part of a plan to help pilots, sailors and infantry troops become capable of superhuman performance.

    The military leadership liberally dispensed such stimulants, but also alcohol and opiates, as long as it believed drugging and intoxicating troops could help it achieve victory over the Allies. But the Nazis were less than diligent in monitoring side-effects like drug addiction and a decline in moral standards.

    The Nazi Death Machine: Hitler's Drugged Soldiers - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International
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    Interesting ! I could do with some of that at work sometimes !

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    Seems that the German military were not the only ones using stimulants. Wasn't there a scandal about USAF using such for longhaul flights recently?
    Point is- it's not to "get high", but to stay awake- not to perform "superhuman feats" other than not fall asleep on sentry duty (and maybe face execution......)

    It maybe even helpful in the short term, if the doses are not massive and the potential for long-term consequences are recognised.

    At the time the harmful consequences of longtern high dose use were not clear. Our own US forward bases are fuelled by high octane stimulants today (OK they are mixtures etc, and not amphetamines, but they sure market themselves as such). We don't even know the results of such use in high levels for long term.

    Admittedly soldiers exaggerate but seems that they are often used 24/7! At least you cant buy ephedra products anymore at the PX, but that drug has only recently been withdrawn.

    Talking about stimulants I wonder what proportion of our Military are on Adderal !(prescripton only -of course

    Bottom line, the nature of the military job dictates there will be use and often abuse of stimulants. Only intelligent control (through education) of dose size frequency will prevent disasters...

    To characterise the german military as drug-crazed is gross exaggeration. It was the enlisted and junior offiicers combat initiative that was prized, and was successful at a tactical level, over and over again: it is impossible to imagine this happening in a drug-fuelled frenzy.

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    I just finished reading "Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich" by Norman Ohler which is about the Wehrmacht's use of Pervitin & the drugs given to Hitler by his personal doctor. Excellent book!

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    Sven Hassel (WW II German vet) in his book "Wheels of Terror" mentions "Opium Fags" as some type of cigarette used
    on the eastern front by german soldiers.....I wonder if it was like Marijuana or something else ?? Anyone else ever read
    about this ……..

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    On sale at Allied and axis militaria (empty of course) Apparently from the estate of a wartime british officer who served in the far east. Regards Paul

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

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    Default C10h15n


    That is its chemical formula.
    Popularly crystal or meth...

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

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    Other delicatessen...

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    The soldier, compulsive writer and future Nobel Prize of literature Heinrich Böll and his letter

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers
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    But sooner or later, fatigue ends up beating any soldier...

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    We all know the very rapid and uninterrupted advances of the German avant-garde in the Polish campaign of 1939, as well as in that of France and the Netherlands in 1940. Always forward, without stopping, hardly resting, almost not sleeping.
    Although the asphalted roads, the good weather reigning, the excellent conditions of engines and armored vehicles and the audacity and youth of the invading soldiers had to do with everything; There was also another factor to consider, a drug with the trade name of Pervitin that was supplied to German soldiers. Its chemical formula is C10H15N, its best known name is Methamphetamine.

    Best regards.


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    I almost forgot. Pervitin was also marketed as an intramuscular injection. Although the pills (then, as now) were more popular.

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    Hitler's Drugged Soldiers

    Methamphetamine (deoxiefedrine) is “a potent psychostimulant. A synthetic adrenergic agonist agent, structurally related to the ephedrine alkaloid and the adrenaline hormone ”. “The compound is an oily liquid at room temperature, insoluble in water. Methamphetamine hydrochloride is presented as white crystals, very soluble in water or ethanol ”. (Wikipedia definition)
    Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant that increases activity, reduces appetite and produces a general feeling of well-being. It excites neuronal receptors linked to the reward and gratification signals: it produces euphoria, relieves fatigue and improves performance in simple tasks. It blocks the somatic signals (such as fatigue, sleep, hunger) that warn about progressive functional impairment. (More Wikipedia)

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