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First shots on June 22nd- Molotov line

Article about: Hello guys On this 80th anniversary of the begeaning of the war on Eastern Front let me take you to the places where very first shots of this war were fired and first men were killed. After

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    Never heard about such bunkers in Poland, they were really short with time what had effects on June 22nd and in following days. Never heard about such bunkers built on Polish territory, perhaps sand of plains of central and eastern Poland wasn’t good enough to build deep constructions. Heaviest ones I’ve seen were armed with 2 76,2mm guns-only ones I’ve seen were in Szulborze but they are absolutely devastated by explosions.
    But Im going to show what’s left as there is much more material to be shown, Im just totally short with time but surely Im going to continue topic within 1,5-2 weeks.
    So, stay tuned

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    Well done.
    I really like these kinds of threads where I can actually learn some history.
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    Thanks for posting your investigations Marinecollector42, accounts are not easily accessible if written in Polish/Russian but its always interesting when major assaults can be examined, and the fate of individuals can add a human element for the reader to relate to.

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    Thank you for taking the time to make this thread and for allowing us to make this journey through time with you.

    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Hello Marinecollector and thanks a or for sharing this little piece of history.
    I found it very interesting and I lerned something



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