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Russian made movies about the war

Article about: This morning I watched "Convoy 48", or "Koridor bessmertiya" as it's called in Russian and it was yet another great movie out of Russia about the Great Patriotic War. Ins

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    I have not seen this film on your lists, so I recommend:
    They fought for their homeland (Они сражались за Родину, 1975)

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    I really enjoyed this film particularly the excellent cinematography

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    We've just talked about "Liberation" films. Found this nice photo: Yuri Ozerov ("Liberation" director) and Fritz Diez.

    Russian made movies about the war

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    Quote by McSeam View Post
    As for me I can’t see modern Russian movies about WWII. A lot of mistakes everywhere: uniform, awards, equipment, weapons. But such mistakes are not the worst thing – fake feelings are much worse than fake details of uniform. These movies are made by modern young people who knows nothing about that time and they don’t want to go inside deeper than an ordinary history schoolbook. Modern moviemakers try to make a product for sale, nothing more: quickly made, quickly sold, quickly forgotten. I can remember only one modern movie which I can recommend – it’s “The Brest Fortress” 2010.
    I do prefer old Soviet movies about the war. There you can find some wrong details as well but these movies were made by the people who knew what the war was and many of them participated in the war, like many of their spectators. Their feelings were natural. I believe them.
    I couldn't agree more. For me, -most- of the current films being mentioned here are comparable to wartime propaganda movies, as are many of their American counterparts nowadays. For the most part good guy/bad guy hero vs. villain nonsense. Entertaining yes, but very far removed from an accurate depiction of the complex events they focus on. As the war has faded from living memory, our ability to depict it in film has declined. And the way these modern Russian films seem to be encouraging nostalgia for the Soviet era -and whitewashing its crimes- is a whole other subject

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    HI everyone,
    I don't remember seeing it mentioned but a newer film 'Podolsk Cadets' is worth seeing if you can. The director prided himself on only using vehicles correct for 1941 in it.
    Also Mosfilm on youtube has a lot of its war films subtitled also a company called Star Media makes lower budget but at times entertaining series. They might be good to see.

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